28 March, 2022


 traffic jam.  Everyone waiting for their moment to pass the slow tractor.

27 March, 2022

23 March, 2022


 Mothers Day is this coming Sunday, the 27th

this way to the beach

Dom's Pier 1

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20 March, 2022

two volunteers

picking up litter early one morning last week.  It's too bad we need people like these to keep the roads and footpaths cleaned.   We thank you!

19 March, 2022

saturday critters

sleeping through the parade procession on St. Patrick's Day, must have been exhausting. :)

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17 March, 2022

16 March, 2022


 Aldi's sign inside the store.  We still wear our masks when we're in a store or on a bus.  

on the side of a Bus Eireann bus

Folk Village at Glencolmcille

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09 March, 2022


 the royal mail building in Belfast

Belfast Maritime Trail 

the border of Ireland and Northern Ireland at Pettigo.
Pettigo in Co Donegal is the only village on the island of Ireland to be divided by the international boundary between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The section of Pettigo that was created by partition 100 years ago on the Fermanagh side of the border is officially named Tullyhommon.

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07 March, 2022


a New Holland T6080.  A common sight around town especially when moving heavy equipment around.  If they're not hauling anything, you see lots of them driven like cars.  Wonder how the high petrol prices will affect these tractors.

06 March, 2022

post box

an old green Irish Post (An Post) post box.  I don't think this box is in use considering the post office is about one mile from here and this one could use a clean-up and some fresh paint.

05 March, 2022

saturday critters

 this little fellow was checking the Lidl parking lot out while his people had a conversation.

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03 March, 2022


 passed this shovel and no one was around.  It looks like it was used for edging but who knows.