31 August, 2017

colour changes

two businesses in town got a totally new makeover with different colours

from orange

to red, I like the red version much better

Barron's decided it wanted stand out from its neighbors and be bold with the mustard look.  I don't like it but it does stand out..

28 August, 2017

monday mural by friz

Located in Sligo, this is a Friz creation done in 2012  I showed one of her murals before. 

The central character is a representation of the Garavogue river that flows through the town. She wears shell earrings and a crown of oak leaves, two symbols present on the crest. Other parts in the design that are featured on the crest are the tree, hares and stones (representing the tower/castle). The two prominent mountains visible from the town, benbulben and Knocknarea are in the background.

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27 August, 2017


some large container washed up from the rainstorm.  There were lots of plastic and wood that the people are still cleaning up. 

24 August, 2017

Bredagh River

The Bredagh River runs through Moville and parts of its trail were flooded.  In the photo below, the water rose high and fast enough to cover some of the stairs thus blocking the access to the other side.  No one was worrying about flooding here because we are on higher ground.  It was reported that parts of the north and west flooded after 101mm (4 inches) of rain fell in just 9 hours.  Our friend left a message on social media saying they lost everything but at least they had insurance.  Still it will take time to recover from such an event.

23 August, 2017

terrible weather

Yesterday it rained and poured all day with thunderstorms.  There was flooding all around here, some roads and some bridges were totally washed away.  We were lucky and only lost our internet connection last night.  A friend who lives in Muff (about 15 minutes from Moville) couldn't get home.  She, her husband and baby were stranded with some other people at a gas station.   We just found out that their house is flooded and they won't be able to go back.  We are listening to the radio and lots of people were affected and can't go home.  Hopefully things will be worked out for each and everyone of those affected.

22 August, 2017

21 August, 2017

monday mural - Joe O'Dowd

Honouring Sligo fiddle player Joe O' Dowd on Old Market Street, Sligo.  Visual artist Nik Purdy is behind this creation.  He also created the W.B. Yeats mural that I posted last week.

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20 August, 2017

two sides

one side of the road has a few cows and it is feeding time.  They thought I had some food and don't look happy when they didn't see any. 

while the other side has sheep and they were enjoying their meal.

19 August, 2017

an old white house

seen the other day on my walk down by the water and took the photo through a fence.  I don't know what kind of bush that is but it caught my attention and it's pretty.

17 August, 2017

pins and needles

the sign by the chair says:  take the weight off, rest your weary bones.  I imagine the chair is used for advertising their services.

14 August, 2017

monday mural - a new Yeats

Unfortunately, early in 2017 the building which carried this magnificent painting was deemed to be in a dangerous condition by Sligo County Council, and the building was demolished with little or no notice being given to the general public.  A lot of people were devastated by the demolition of the building, not for the sake of the building itself, but the fact that this wonderful painting had also disappeared.

Then, in the middle of May 2017, a new painting of W. B. Yeats was erected on an adjacent building. Not quite as big or imposing as the original, but equally as welcome an addition to the streetscape of Sligo Town as the painting it had just replaced.

This new painting has also received highly complimentary comments from everyone who has seen it, and I personally think its a fantastic, very life-like, photo-realistic painting of one of Sligo's most important ex-patrons who is now a major attraction in the towns tourist industry.  The painting is the brainchild of Sligo Tidy Towns Committee, who commissioned Nik Purdy to once again paint W.B. Yeats on this building, and to breathe some life and colour into an otherwise drab looking corner of the town.
Courtesy of the Sligo Town website

Which version do you like?
I like this one but the old one was pretty impressive too.  It's too bad you couldn't have both.

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13 August, 2017

unusual sights in town

These are some things you don't normally see up here.
a delivery guy walking down the street.using a pallet jack

never heard of Dutch Gold.

a sporty mustang

12 August, 2017

08 August, 2017

Laurel and Hardy

saw these guys when we were in Sligo.  My grandmother used to watch Laurel and Hardy on television back in the day.  I can remember her laughing while watching their show.  A happy memory.

07 August, 2017

Calry Parish Church

Church of Ireland built between 1820 - 1825.  If interested in reading more about this church click here.

06 August, 2017

flowers and a cat

seen on one of my walks through the neighborhood and yes the cat is a real live kitty :)

04 August, 2017

W.B. Yeats Statue

This original, unusual statue of Ireland’s national poet William Butler Yeats was unveiled by his son in 1989 to mark the 50th anniversary of the writer’s death.  The statue is located on Stephen Street, Sligo, in front of the Ulster Bank.  Fashioned by Irish sculptor Rohan Gillespie, the statue is distinctive for billowing shape, and its engravings of excerpts from some of Yeats’s best-known poems.
In 2005, the Yeats statue was demolished by a drunk driver who failed to stop for police. It was later restored again and returned to its original site.  (Courtesy of Choose Ireland website)

03 August, 2017

Sligo Townhall and Mayor McHugh

We were in Sligo yesterday for an eye test.  The clinic wanted to see how I progressed since the surgery.  I was happy with the results but was informed that  a new cataract is starting to form in my right eye.  So, I guess in a few years  I will be returning to Sligo for more surgery. :(

Sligo Townhall is a detached seven-bay two-storey Lombardo Romanesque palazzo-style town hall, built c. 1865, returning nine-bays to south, with central single-bay break-front, three-stage square-plan clock tower to north-east. Extensively restored and rennovated, c. 1998 (Wikipedia)

To the right of Sligo Townhall stands a statue of Mr P. A. McHugh who was Mayor of Sligo in 1888, 1895, 1896, 1897, 1898 and 1900 and also a Member of Parliament for North Leitrim in 1892.  McHugh died in 1909, with this fine statue being erected in his honour in 1916. 

02 August, 2017

sharing the road

Seen in Buncrana last week.  There have been an increase in fatalities in the last few years and hopefully this sign will be a reminder for both drivers and cyclists.

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01 August, 2017

CDP Theme Day - Young at Heart

Fergus is my "young at heart" candidate.  He is a 15 year old Westie.  We took care of him while his mother was traveling abroad.  These photos were taken when he was 13, still an old age for a dog.  He is a bundle of energy and still going strong.  Everyone he meets loves this little man.

 Here he is it at his favorite beach, Fintra in Killybegs.  Gotta get the feel of this place before I play.

 Fetching the ball

 I see you, do you see me?

 Gotta look nice for the camera

I have to stop by Dave the butcher to see if my bones are in.  A dog has to have his bones, ya know.

 I love getting cards from friends and family

 How do I look?  Fabulous I presume

Even I need to get my beauty sleep.  It's been another glorious day!

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