29 May, 2017

28 May, 2017

the ticket man

was writing out tickets the other day when we went to Buncrana.  Buncrana is a pay and display town which means you pay for the amount of time you need to park your vehicle, take the receipt and place it on your dashboard so it can be seen.  The pay and display machine is the box with the P on it.  They are placed all over town at various places.   The ticket man does his rounds and if someone’s time has expired he enters the violation in his computer and takes a photo of the ticket that he has left on the windscreen so there is proof he left the ticket and there is no misunderstanding.
Surplus revenue from these services contributes to urban renewal programmes, public facilities and other forms of local authority spending.

25 May, 2017


When I walked pass this cement truck, the guy you see was climbing up the ladder.  Further down the road, I happened to look back and this is what I saw.  There were workers renovating the building on the right which is going to be a restaurant and no one seemed concerned.   I imagine the guy knew what he was doing but he should be following some kind of protocol.   It doesn't look good  when this is all you see.

24 May, 2017

mary had a little lamb

I don’t know if Mary’s lamb was named Larry but Larry made his appearance in the Moville library on March 8th to meet some students from the local school.  He was a big hit with the kids.  Larry is happy to celebrate the 187th anniversary today of Mary Had A Little Lamb nursery rhyme.

It was first published by the Boston publishing firm Marsh, Capen & Lyon, as an original poem by Sarah Josepha Hale on May 24, 1830 which makes it 187 years old today.
Courtesy of Wikipedia

Larry the lamb
the flyers made by the children

22 May, 2017

monday mural

The Feel Good Mural
Launched in 2012 and held in Buncrana, Feel Good Fortnight is a a unique festival which promotes mental, emotional, physical, social, spiritual and economic well being within our community.  It is an opportunity to share and celebrate all that is good, healthy and positive in our community and to invite other people to take part.  This year's festival is from 24 June - 8 July 2017.

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19 May, 2017

skywatch friday

yesterday's weather, showers off and on in the afternoon.  It was correct.

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16 May, 2017

14 May, 2017

13 May, 2017

rosatos restaurant

people enjoying the nice sunny and warm day outside Rosatos.  The benches once unfolded turn in to tables  so people can sit outside and eat.

12 May, 2017

11 May, 2017

sewage pipe system

The pipe and crane showed up in Lough Foyle a few days ago.  The  pipe was floated here in six sections by tugboats from Norway and will be 4km in length when connected and completed.  The crane along with a floating platform also arrived to do the connection work.  Twenty five tonne blocks will be used to connect the pipe.  It will be assembled here in Moville  over the next few months before being moved to Blackpool, Lancashire, where it will be used to upgrade the public sewage system there.  When completed it will be floated out in one giant 4km piece.

Info courtesy of the Inishowen Independent

05 May, 2017

03 May, 2017

Banksy Exhibit at Moville Library

Last week, the intern that is currently working at our library created this little exhibit of some of Banksy's work.  She gathered all the materials from a book and some websites on the internet.  The first column you see are the titles of his works, the second and third columns are his works.  The goal is to match the titles with his work.  Anyone who comes in to the library has a chance to match the titles with the art.  A lot of school kids come in to the library in the afternoon.  It is a good exercise for them according to our librarian.
I only put my favorites in this post. 

01 May, 2017

CDP Theme Day: Let’s Eat

supper is served and Fergus is already there in the kitchen.  He is diabetic so all he can have is a little dollop of plain yogurt and he got it when we ate.  It is on the counter behind him.
menu:  homemade fish chowder, toasted humus sandwich with veggies, humus with crackers and cucumber
dinner guest - Fergus, we were watching him while his owner was in the US.

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