28 June, 2018


we are experiencing some serious heat lately and it's supposed to last until the end of next week.  Today 30 C, hot and humid.  We went out early in the morning 9ish and it was getting uncomfortable.  On the news today I read that the tar on some of the roads was melting and causing problems.  The gritters were out gritting the road in the afternoon.  Hopefully there won't be any serious problems.
I passed this ad on one of the stores and thought it was appropriate for today.  Stay cool and be cool.  BTW those are real flowers.

25 June, 2018

Monday Mural

these ads act like murals for Paul's Party Place in Donegal Town.  Murals are really hard to come by so this is a nice find for me. :) 

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24 June, 2018

Abbey Graveyard

in Donegal Town and viewed from the Bank Walk across Donegal Bay.

The ruins of this once stately complex can be found on a scenic parcel of land at the mouth of the Eske River, where it pours into Donegal Bay. Built in 1474 by Hugh O'Donnell, the abbey withstood ransacking, burning and ravaging before it was finally abandoned in the early part of the 17th century. Known locally as "the old abbey", the only recognizable parts of the ruins today are the south transept, choir, and parts of the cloisters. The adjoining graveyard is filled, providing evidence that people were buried here well into the 18th century.
Info from Aransweatersdirect website

23 June, 2018

Saturday's Critters

I met Author on my walk, such a nice and friendly dog.

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22 June, 2018

skywatch friday

looking toward Binroe Townland which is a part of the Killybegs district.

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21 June, 2018


the house with red trim does stand out and has nice flower arrangements.

20 June, 2018

signs signs

A new way to advertise that coffee is available here.

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19 June, 2018

left or right?

a left  takes you on shore road and past the piers
a right takes you down main street.

18 June, 2018

Ms Deutschland

visited Killybegs yesterday with 530 passengers and 220 crew members.   I’m surprised that the ship had that many people on it.  The cruise ship looked a lot smaller from the ones I normally seen at other places.   It left around 7pm and is now headed to Galway.  The ship was here for ten hours and it was rainy and foggy most of the day.

17 June, 2018

a peaceful evening

The moving is done, we are finally settled and we are thankful for that.
Here's a calm and peaceful image looking toward Killybegs Harbour.  Hope everyone is enjoying whatever you're doing.