28 November, 2022

animals in need

they had a black friday sale where everything in the shop was €1.   We came out with a few books, they were 3 for €1

27 November, 2022

hanging the lights

due to all the rain and winds we're getting, the switching on of the lights had to be postponed from this weekend to next weekend.

24 November, 2022

23 November, 2022


highland hotel, glenties

kevin the carrot returns for Christmas in an Aldi ad that has been going on for a few years

The world cup is the focus for this year's ad

21 November, 2022

splash of colour

 not much foliage here on the Stracashel River after the wind and rain took care of most of the leaves.

17 November, 2022

St Eunan's Cathedral

is a cathedral and part of the Diocese of Raphoe. Built between the years of 1890 and 1900, the cathedral is found in Letterkenny.  You can read about its history here if you wish.

16 November, 2022

Milis Killybegs provides freshly made ice cream, coffee, crepes, smoothies and other healthy options that are sourced locally.

Take 3 For the Sea believes in simple actions to address complex problems.
How can we stop plastic pollution from killing wildlife and suffocating our planet?

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12 November, 2022

saturday critters

even dogs can scream for ice cream. :)  The human is in the store so I hope he knows what his dog wants.

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10 November, 2022


 a coastal town in county Galway that we visited back in 2016.  The view is from the apartment window where we stayed at.

09 November, 2022


Glenties Christmas Market, we went and walked around and it was extremely crowded.  It was a great day for the local vendors.

An Post's Christmas ad on the side of their mailbox

Jack's Fresh Fish on Main St., Dungloe

08 November, 2022

07 November, 2022

painting the line

one of the last touches to complete the road resurfacing project.  They have a few more places to fill in on the side of the road and that's it.  Not bad for 5-6 days work. 
The photo was taken Friday afternoon.

04 November, 2022


resurfacing the street has been going on here all week and its a mess.  It's supposed to be completed by the weekend.  The first two photos are from three days ago and the last two are from yesterday

03 November, 2022

mosaic butterfly and a fairy house

saw the butterfly and fairy house in back of market hall.  The butterfly could use a little sprucing up so you can enjoy its beauty. 

the fairy house but nobody was home

02 November, 2022


 community volunteers picking up litter

not being considerate, leaving your garbage behind while shopping

oil tank all locked up and safe from thieves

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