21 October, 2021

Bank of Ireland

closed on Oct 8th in Dungloe along with 88 other branches around the country.  Now if you need access to the bank services, the bank has a contract with An Post to cover those services.  They even took the ATM machine out which people were not happy about.  There are a few machines in stores that people can access.  Just more aggravation for people.  I wonder what will now become of this empty building.

the bank with their name and atm machine

17 October, 2021

Derrybeg Chapel

On the 15th August 1880 tragedy struck the parish of Gweedore, while parish priest Father James McFadden said Mass in a packed St Mary’s Chapel in Derrybeg. This is known in Gweedore as the great flood, while the Irish Times would describe the event as the Gweedore catastrophe.

16 October, 2021

13 October, 2021


 nursery - next to the library for the wee ones.

gaeltacht radio - tune in and you can listen to the Irish language being spoken 24/7

community park

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06 October, 2021


road signs 


bouncy castle, someone is having a party

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02 October, 2021

saturday critters

we passed these donkeys on our walk,  one was curious and the other one didn't care. :)

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30 September, 2021

Gweedore tourism

was awarded €15 million to redevelop these two properties.
Ostan Ghaoth Dobhair (Gweedore Hotel) is to be re-developed as a leisure and activity complex along with a number of “own-key luxury self-catering apartments”. A bar and restaurant will also be developed on the site.

the plan on what they want to accomplish at the Seaview Hotel

info courtesy of the Irish News

29 September, 2021


 Irish and English signs down at the harbour

a funny card

you know the routine

be careful, children playing

the blind piper

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28 September, 2021


the tires are to protect the driveway from the tracks of the machine.  No idea what they they had planned.

25 September, 2021

22 September, 2021


nice bee, don't know about the food

Hulk is trying to keep the petrol prices down but he's not succeeding. 

I bet there were a few people who were not happy if their car got locked in.

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21 September, 2021


confined to cages to create a wall.  There is a path to the right of this that leads back to a small playground.

20 September, 2021


to the library.  A tight fit for this truck coming down the road, it was the only vehicle we saw.  I was surprised to see it but maybe he was lost.  A view of Mt. Errigal.