20 July, 2022


 we opted for a milkshake and it was good

just ask Joe, he'll be glad to help

lots of choices in this shop

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18 July, 2022

photo booth

I remember seeing these machines when I was a teenager.  This was a replacement for the DVD rental machine that was out of service, I showed it back in January.  I wonder if anyone will use this machine.  

14 July, 2022

13 July, 2022


 looked like an owl to me, seen on a slab of wood that was used as a bench

a poster ad for the Sult Festival held last weekend.

a new place opening soon

€120, overpriced I would think

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12 July, 2022

flower pots

are new this year and can be see in lots of communities.  It was part of a grant to beautify your community.

08 July, 2022

04 July, 2022

vintage car

Main Street, Dunfanaghy
I had to grab my camera and got only one shot, it's a bit blurry but it works for me.  I don't know the make of the car but it's a beauty.

03 July, 2022