31 May, 2021

30 May, 2021

pizza box

it states on the box that this pizza was freshly made for you.  After consuming, it doesn't say to discard it wherever you please.  There are bins down at the end of this road, to the left and to the right.  How lazy can a person be?

27 May, 2021

the big fish and the boat

located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Photo from the 2015 archives.

The Big Fish is a printed ceramic mosaic sculpture by John Kindness. The 10-metre-long statue was constructed in 1999 and installed on Donegall Quay in Belfast, Northern Ireland, near the Lagan Lookout and Custom House.

The building in the background is known as The Boat.  It was designed by Todd Architects and is close to the Customs House building in the city centre and has been described as an oversized "blank gable wall".  Here's a view of the penthouse if you're interested.

26 May, 2021


The sign is for a fundraiser that is on going.
Join Pieta and Electric Ireland for a special Darkness Into Light sunrise, and give the gift of hope to those impacted by suicide and self-harm. Join in any way you can – walk, swim, bike or simply share your sunrise moment.

to see more signs, click here

22 May, 2021

saturday critters

 these photos were taken on different days.  It looks like the same heron but I'm not sure.

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20 May, 2021


our local library opened up yesterday for the first time in over a year,  It was strange to be inside walking around and browsing again but we did find some books to take home with us.   The library is housed in the old Church of Ireland building along with the tourist information centre and a cafe both of which will reopen soon.

19 May, 2021


Ailt an Chorráin (Burtonport) is a Gaeltacht fishing village about 7 km northwest of Dungloe in The Rosses district of County Donegal, Ireland.    

seen down by the pier

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15 May, 2021

saturday critters

I looked up and he was watching me. :)

these two cats were trying to stay awake in their front garden