29 November, 2023

christmas lights

being delivered to different spots on main st, they should be going up soon but things move slowly here

25 November, 2023

24 November, 2023


 seagulls waiting for the ships to come in to the harbour in Killybgs

linking to skywatch

21 November, 2023

have a seat

 and enjoy the day at the community green area.  It''s cool but very quiet and peaceful.

20 November, 2023

19 November, 2023

quiet and wet

on a Saturday morning.  The bunting hanging over the street is for the local Gaelic football team.  Next  weekend they will be in the quarter finals against Derry.

11 November, 2023

saturday critters

this little guy and his shadow came out of a driveway and started barking at me then he followed to make sure I left the area.  Keep right on walking, no tricks. :)

10 November, 2023

walking delivery

it's easier to walk to make his delivery rather than finding a parking space for his truck.

08 November, 2023


pay and display parking in Donegal Town.  Not all towns have these type of rules only the bigger towns do.

if  you don't have a ticket displayed in your car window, you'll be fined.  Fines run from €40-€80

linking to Tom's signs2

06 November, 2023