27 December, 2023


 if you want an ice cream in Killybegs, Sweet News is the place to go.

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26 December, 2023

where are they?

someone forgot the holy family, their house remained vacant on Christmas day.  They were last seen last year at this time in the same location, someone messed up.

24 December, 2023

highlands hotel

located on main street in Glenties
the hotel was kind enough last year to make room to host some Ukrainian families who fled the war in their country.  Many are still there trying to piece their lives back together with help from the community.

20 December, 2023

16 December, 2023

14 December, 2023

08 December, 2023


sky over Lough Foyle and looking toward Northern Ireland.

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07 December, 2023

Christmas tree

a very small Christmas tree for sale outside the flower shop.

 a slightly bigger tree waiting for someone to buy.  It sits next to the flower shop.

03 December, 2023

01 December, 2023

29 November, 2023

christmas lights

being delivered to different spots on main st, they should be going up soon but things move slowly here

25 November, 2023

24 November, 2023


 seagulls waiting for the ships to come in to the harbour in Killybgs

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21 November, 2023

have a seat

 and enjoy the day at the community green area.  It''s cool but very quiet and peaceful.