28 February, 2019

tyrconnell bridge

located in Donegal Town.
just reopened after being closed for the last six months due to restoration

this is the bridge as it looked before it was replaced

photo and info coutesy of Buildings of Ireland website
Four-span road bridge over River Eske and road, dated 1895. Constructed of welded sheet steel girders forming deck and having steel/iron panels to parapets. Deck rests on battered squared coursed rock-faced masonry piers with pointed breakwater buttresses to base. Piers rise over steel parapets having cut stone coping over. Abutments to either side/end (north-east and south-west) constructed of squared coursed rock-faced masonry having cut stone coping over. Projecting cut stone stringcourse at deck level to piers and to abutments to either end. Staircase flanked by rubble stone wall to north end of west side of bridge. Bridge spans River Eske and New Row Road. Cut stone date plaque to pier to east side reading 'The Tyrconnell Bridge; Built 1895; W.J. Glen C.E. Contractor'. Located to the north-west of Donegal Town centre, a short distance from the Diamond.

Info and photo courtesy of Buildings of Ireland

27 February, 2019


located in Donegal Town

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26 February, 2019

old cart

it looks like an old milk container sitting in the cart.  It is located in Dunkineely.

25 February, 2019

hanna hats

located in Donegal Town.

Hanna Hats of Donegal Ltd is a world famous maker of indigenous Irish tweed hats and caps as well as other items of fine tweed, linen and wax apparel. Visitors are invited to their factory and shop which are located in Donegal town, County Donegal.

Growing out of a bespoke tailoring firm started in Donegal town by the late David Hanna in 1924, Hanna Hats has more recently expanded into ladies bags, scarves and the famous Donegal patchwork quilt. Their hats and caps are used for all occasions from fishing, golfing, walking and skiing.

Hanna Hats of Donegal are unique as all of their styles are cut to patterns designed by Hanna Hats and assembled by hand at their factory in Donegal town. They use the finest Donegal tweed (pure new wool) woven exclusively for them.

The very first 'Hanna' hat was created in 1964 and it took four and a half hours to complete. It was called the 'Hanna Hat' and given the style number '84'. One only has to pick up a 'Hanna' hat or cap to see that the quality tailored look has been retained completely.

Their full range of hats and caps are naturally moisture repellent and guaranteed to keep you dry and warm in all kinds of weather. Their hats and caps are available in all sizes.

Visitors are invited to the factory shop. Items can also be purchased online via the website.
Info courtesy of Hanna Hats

You can see the process on how they make the Hanna Hats HERE

24 February, 2019

donegal castle

last weekend we visited Donegal Castle to go to a spring fete.  It was our first time in the castle.  When we got there, a woman told us to go to the top floor to see some young children perform Irish dancing.  We were quite impressed considering they were very young.  We didn't take any photos of the dancers due to their age.

the left sde of the castle doesn't have a roof over it.  We wondered if they used the space to entertain people on a nice summer day.  Sometime this summer we will go back for a tour where we can learn more about the castle.

to read more click on Donegal Castle

the right side is where we went to the top floor to see the dancers

the entrance

these barrels were down in the basement

second floor window. 

a diorama showing the castle in 1590

a diorama showing the castle in 1650

looking up

photo by Shari Burke

23 February, 2019

saturday critters

these photos were taken twenty years ago when we lived in Fairbanks, Alaska.

this moose was watching when I opened our door to go outside

the moose here are leaving our driveway,

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21 February, 2019

20 February, 2019

19 February, 2019

tree planting

on the footpath in Mountcharles.  There are around dozen or more being planted on both sides of Main Street..

18 February, 2019

mural monday

on the side wall going down in to the Olde Village Tea Rooms, Mountcharles.

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17 February, 2019

gate house

while walking, we passed this rather cute wee house surrounded by trees. 

This is the only info I could find on the Gate House in Mountcharles

Not visible in this shot because of foliage, but this house has an extremely steeply pitched roof; rare and perhaps the work of a distinguished architect of Edwardian times; this is a matter for research and a second picture to be taken in winter when a better view exists.
Photo by Louise Price

16 February, 2019

saturday critters

these two greeted us as we strolled by on our walk in Mountcharles this past Monday

in another part of town, we saw these wee sheep with their mother.  She wasn't interested in posing. :)

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15 February, 2019

14 February, 2019


Three, 200 foot blades for the Oweninny wind farm development in north Mayo will be transported over road, from Killybegs in Donegal through Ballina and Crossmolina.   They transport the blades late at night when the road has less traffic.

10 February, 2019

conlin road

leads you through the countryside which is not very far from the harbour.

09 February, 2019

05 February, 2019

gone fishing

the ships that usually dock here are all out to sea.
photo taken 02/02/19

02 February, 2019

saturday critters

I passed this critter last summer on one of my walks.  It looks a little bit greyhoundish don't you think?  It's face reminds me of a deer.

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01 February, 2019