30 April, 2017

road tradegy

Unfortunately, two male teenagers lost their lives early Saturday morning, 3:30am.  Three others were taken to hospital and are expected to recover.  This weekend is a bank holiday weekend (3 day weekend) and the Gardai have been telling drivers on social media and over the radio to be careful when driving. The car had hit a wall and then a tree.   Such a tragedy.

29 April, 2017

drilling holes

Saw the workers drilling holes in the building.  One worker had a sweatshirt on that says Surefill Insulation so I looked them up.  Their facebook page states:
Surefill Ltd is a family business, established in 2000. We install bonded bead cavity wall and loft insulation to new build and existing private and commercial dwellings.
So I guess they were going to install some insulation.  I never heard or seen this before but found it interesting.

27 April, 2017

the gang

making noise in the morning.  I guess they have something to say :)

24 April, 2017

monday murals

The painting is the brainchild of Sligo Tidy Towns Committee, who commissioned Nik Purdy to paint W.B. Yeats, and what a breath of fresh air it brings to the town.

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23 April, 2017

rock fish

when walking near the water, I'm always looking at rocks and this one stood out.  Looks like a fish don't you think?

22 April, 2017

for sale

 last week the chimney was being worked on, this week it's time to paint.


21 April, 2017

20 April, 2017

pole painter

This Carndonagh worker was applying a new layer of paint on the pole.  The pole is located at the diamond in the center of town.  As for the flag, I have no idea what it represents.  I'll have to ask next time I'm there,

19 April, 2017

shopping in buncrana

We take the bus and our backpacks once a month to go to Lidl and Aldi to pick up items that we can't get locally.  It's about an hour bus ride from Moville.

16 April, 2017

14 April, 2017

skywatch friday

8:30am - An October morning in Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo

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13 April, 2017

chimney work

They worked on the chimney all day.  These terraced houses are vacant, maybe someone bought them. 

morning photo

late afternoon

12 April, 2017

cows on the run

Heading home on the bus from Buncrana, we came upon some loose cows. 

here the bus driver used his bus to help round up the cows.  It worked and they headed down the road that is on the right (where the silver car is).  When we passed the guy who was the owner, he gave the bus driver a thumbs up.

11 April, 2017

market square

McCallions Bar and The Music Quarter in Market Square, Buncrana. 

a memorial dedicated to two girls who lost their lives.

08 April, 2017

the lollipop lady

a woman who is employed to help children cross the road safely near a school by holding up a circular sign on a pole to stop the traffic.

06 April, 2017

stone wall

One of my favorite stone walls.  We pass this on the way to the community garden.

01 April, 2017

cdp theme - wet

a hike on the Cong Trail in Cong, co. Mayo.  We participated in the Cong Heritage Trail walk in December of 2014, our first year in Ireland.  It is held every year on St. Stephen's Day which is the day after Christmas.

heading to the forest

the forest was cool and wet, love all that green moss on the trees

we stopped at various places to listen to the moderator talk about the area we were in.

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