30 September, 2021

Gweedore tourism

was awarded €15 million to redevelop these two properties.
Ostan Ghaoth Dobhair (Gweedore Hotel) is to be re-developed as a leisure and activity complex along with a number of “own-key luxury self-catering apartments”. A bar and restaurant will also be developed on the site.

the plan on what they want to accomplish at the Seaview Hotel

info courtesy of the Irish News

29 September, 2021


 Irish and English signs down at the harbour

a funny card

you know the routine

be careful, children playing

the blind piper

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28 September, 2021


the tires are to protect the driveway from the tracks of the machine.  No idea what they they had planned.

25 September, 2021

22 September, 2021


nice bee, don't know about the food

Hulk is trying to keep the petrol prices down but he's not succeeding. 

I bet there were a few people who were not happy if their car got locked in.

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21 September, 2021


confined to cages to create a wall.  There is a path to the right of this that leads back to a small playground.

20 September, 2021


to the library.  A tight fit for this truck coming down the road, it was the only vehicle we saw.  I was surprised to see it but maybe he was lost.  A view of Mt. Errigal.

18 September, 2021


 the 40 foot troll.

one of his massive hands

one of his cold big feet.  You remember that he left his boots behind at the beginning of the trail

the story of the land of magic

17 September, 2021

magical village

with the fairies and trolls living in harmony.   The trolls live in the tiny houses built especially for them.

fairies live in these newly modernized  tree trunks

15 September, 2021

playful on the path

heading further down the path we came across some playful critters.  Here you have three jumping hares.

just around the bend, a bunch of swans singing their tunes.

14 September, 2021

giant boots

we were in Dungloe yesterday and we had some time to kill so we took a stroll through the river walk.  Not far from the entrance, these giant boots came across our path.  What's up with that, we wondered.  The next few days, I'll show you what we found out. :)

13 September, 2021

Gweedore WindFarm

viewed from Bunbeg.   You can see the tip of Mt. Errigal. in the background on the right.

12 September, 2021

st. patrick's centre

it's Irish name is Ionad Naomh Pádraig.  You can see the centre in the background.

From the very first day of opening there has been a comprehensive framework of activities that presents the people of our community with every opportunity to participate more fully in community life and thus foster a deeper sense of identity. These user groups include primary and secondary school children, Pobal ar Aire, people with disabilities & learning difficulties, women and men’s groups, parents and toddlers & people with environmental interests. The facilities available for groups and businesses include a function hall, fully equipped with audio visual, projector and screen, IT Suite, Board Room, classrooms and meeting rooms.
They also provide facilities whereby local tutors rent space to provide a myriad of services, including danceclasses,Aerobics, Yoga, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Drama Pilates, public discussions/debates on relevant issues.
Info courtesy of gaoth dobhair website

11 September, 2021

saturday critters

the partner of the guy has entered a bakery and the dogs want to see what she'll bring them.

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10 September, 2021


plane coming in for a landing at Donegal Airport which is 14 km away. 

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09 September, 2021

eddie's boat

It's Irish name is Bád Eddie and it washed up at Magheraclogher beach in the 1970s. 

there are some rusted hearts on the ship and a string of lights.

08 September, 2021

local library

Finally settled in our new place and now it's back to blogland. :)  This is our new local library, it is on the ground floor.  gteic @Gaoth Dobhair is a network of 30 innovation & digital hubs in locations throughout Ireland’s Gaeltacht areas.  Gaoth Dobhair is the Irish  for Gweedore.  Irish is spoken in this area by just about everyone.  The library is all in Irish so it will be a challenge to learn how to pronounce the words we see.  When we asked questions, the librarian switched to English so we could understand. :)  The people here are very friendly and helpful.