30 September, 2016

a DIY painter

This gentleman has got what it takes to paint his house.  I wouldn't even want to climb the ladder never mind the setup in the street plus I hate painting.  I give him credit, he did a fine job.  It took him parts of two days.  I don't know if he finished the back or the other side.  I only saw him do the front and the street side.

 I never seen this kind of  setup before.  I was concerned about the wheels at the bottom and didn't want to see him on a rolling platform heading down the street..  He actually climbed up and down many times before he started painting and it never rolled.  Glad there was no problem with the brakes on the wheels.

adding another piece to the puzzle.

extending the sides

 now painting

doing the trim and finishing the job up top

 The update on the solicitor's building that was being painted three weeks ago is that they chose to keep the building the same colour.  It was probably cheaper to keep it the same, oh well!

26 September, 2016

lough swilly

A view of Lough Swilly from Buncrana.  We were there last Tuesday and the beach was quiet and peaceful. 

25 September, 2016


I passed this window on the way back home and thought it looked great with the colour and branches so I pressed the button.

24 September, 2016

moville fire station

The official opening of the Moville Fire Station was in December 2008.  It houses two fire trucks as you can see inside the door.  I don’t know what the town did before they got this station but they probably had assistance from a nearby town when there was a fire.

The church in the background is Moville Presbyterian Church.  This photo was taken at a later date than the first one.  The engines just left a few minutes before I came by on my way to Centra, one of our local grocery stores.

23 September, 2016

an post

Moville's small  one room post office.  It's small but does an excellent job delivering mail to where it needs to go.  You can also pay your utility bills, dog license, TV license, court fines and property taxes there at your local An Post office.

22 September, 2016

the side street

The side street can get very crowded at times with parents picking up their kids at school, buses going and coming and city workers with their big trucks.  I'm glad that I walk.

21 September, 2016

morning bus

The bus is headed in the wrong direction and we want to go the other way.  Actually, once he passes the church which you can see on the left with the cross, he'll turn around by backing the bus up on a side street and then head our way.  No roundabout in this small town :)

20 September, 2016

mystery man

Saw this guy and don't know what he's doing.  We overheard him say that he was looking for a mark in the road.  The road was just repaved after some new pipe was laid so I guess he's having a problem.   Wonder if the gizmo lights up or makes a sound if he finds the mark.

19 September, 2016

oyster harvesting

I happened to come across these oysters down at the pier being bagged and putted on pallets.  I imagine they are going to market.  There are red bags, green and brown bags.  I have no idea what the colours mean if they mean anything.  I tried oysters many years ago and never liked them.

18 September, 2016

charity shops

In our small town, we have three charity shops.  Vincents (St.Vincent de Paul) and two Good As New shops.  Each shop is dedicated to a cause and within walking minutes of each other,  Can't resist the going rate for books, 5 books for €1.  We usually pop in once or twice during the week to check and see what's new.  We're searching for a small lamp and a chair.  You never know! 

We did pop in to Vincents this past Friday and spent a grand sum of €3.  There was no chair or lamp, but Shari found a pair of polka dotted pants on the euro rack; we picked up 5 books; found a strainer,  a perpetual calendar and a lighthouse candle holder we saw in the window..

photo by shari burke

16 September, 2016


The red cargo ship, Bramau, flying under the flag of Antigua Barbuda, is headed to Londonderry.  

15 September, 2016

14 September, 2016

12 September, 2016

Buncrana Shore Path

We went to Buncrana last week and took a walk on the Buncrana Shore Path.  The Buncrana Shore path is a traffic free walk which follows the shoreline of Lough Swilly.  The tide was out and the dark sky added a nice mood to the area.  It's a great path to walk on even though we didn't have enough time to finish it.  We plan to go back earlier in the day sometime  soon and walk the entire path which is about 4km.

11 September, 2016


The flowers are beginning to disappear around town but there is still is some colour left.

10 September, 2016

wait a few minutes

When we first got down by the water, the sky was gray and it started to rain with some wind gusts.  When we left about a half hour later, this is what it looked like.  Change happens fast.
Enjoy your day wherever you are!

09 September, 2016

08 September, 2016

another view

Looking down the road from Market Square.   You can see Lough Foyle down at the bottom of the hill.

07 September, 2016

blazing sky

The other night, Shari told me I should look out at the sky.  I did and this is what I saw.

06 September, 2016

Moville Community College

The community colleges here in Ireland are secondary schools which I didn't know when I moved here.  In any case, the students started their new school year last week.  I'm sure that there are lots of parents who were happy :)

04 September, 2016

doherty's flowers

Joseph Doherty is Moville's local Fiat car dealer.  He advertised the car of the week that I showed you about a week ago.  When I passed the place, I thought these flowers were very pretty in their stone bed..  There is another stone bed on the other side but there was something in the way.  Anyway, it's quite attractive and won't be here much longer once the cool weather arrives and decides to stay.

03 September, 2016

the clock

One of the restaurants in town located in Market Square.  Haven't been in it but heard that it's pretty good.  We're not big eating out fans but we'll have to try it someday. 

02 September, 2016

susies pub

I was headed home when I passed the painter.  He was just finishing doing a few touch ups to the pub.  With this colour, you won't have a problem finding the bright yellow and green building.

01 September, 2016

CDP September Theme - Library

This is the Moville Library.  As you can see, it's not very big.  When we moved to Moville, this is where we got access to the internet.  We used their computers because there was no WiFi but now they do have it. Locals, students and tourists are frequent visitors to the library.  They also have the newspapers on a table when you come in so you can read them.  I love this little library!

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