27 April, 2023


 the stairs and making them look good.  Spring is the time to tidy up your town and make it look good.

26 April, 2023

community spot

people love to go to this spot to enjoy nature.  A bit quiet now but soon it will liven up with birds and beauty.  I'll be going back to see the changes.  

25 April, 2023

the cope

We used to shop here when we lived  in Dungloe.  Twenty-two singers gathered in the supermarket to sing some uplifting tunes and brighten everyone’s day.  If interested click here to watch (video 2:47)

23 April, 2023

the singing tree

walking past this tree, you could hear the birds singing.  I stopped to look but couldn't see any.

20 April, 2023

19 April, 2023

15 April, 2023

saturday critters

 saturday in the field with the donkeys

Moose drops in hospital for a friendly visit.  (1:09 video)

14 April, 2023

10 April, 2023

05 April, 2023


 seen in a store window

animals in need charity shop big sale

linking to Tom's signs2

03 April, 2023

02 April, 2023