30 November, 2021

new sculpture

A new sculpture was unveiled in Gaoth Dobhair Sunday in honour of all young people who have passed away.
The powerful artwork – entitled Suaimhneas – is located in the garden to Páirc an Phobail (The Community Park) on Páirc Ghnó Ghaoth Dobhair (Gweedore Business Park).

It was created by the community in loving memory of children, teenagers and young adults who died in the vibrancy of their youth, through illness or tragedies.

Credit goes to renowned Donegal sculptor, John McCarron, for the design of the impactful memorial. It now sits in a public space where people are welcome to visit, pause and remember those who are gone before us, but live in our hearts and memories.
Info courtesy of the Donegal Daily website.


29 November, 2021

monday murals

 these paintings were across the street from the window ones I posted last week.  In the first photo you can see where they are mounted on the building by the red car.

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28 November, 2021

sweeney hotel

 in Dungloe has still got a long way to go to get to the finish line.  This is the back of the hotel.  I took this photo last week when I was in town.

27 November, 2021

saturday critters

waiting patiently for his/her human.  He was getting a little restless so he moved over to the driver's side to get a better look and wasn't too happy about it.  He was outside looking in to a cafe.

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25 November, 2021

strange setup

I have no idea what this setup means, it looks like junk but was worth a photo.  To the right of this you can see bags of kindling for sale.  Maybe it's all part of someone's business but I didn't see one. 

24 November, 2021

22 November, 2021

monday muralish

 this painted art was seen on a building with boarded up windows in Falcarragh. 

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21 November, 2021

new home

being built not far from us.  I wonder how many people will call this place home.  We currently have a home shortage going on.

17 November, 2021


Gweedore bar in Falcarragh.

Both signs below are located outside the bar and mounted on the wall.

Welcome and hospitality to be found here

Traditional music on Saturday

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11 November, 2021

ford 4600 tractor

 heading on to Main Street, Falcarragh, which is about 21 km north of Bunbeg. 

10 November, 2021


an ad in a window for the Irish country western band

the sign reads music and fun

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03 November, 2021


the dog on the van doesn't look happy but then again what dog loves to be washed.

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01 November, 2021

theme day - great big mess

two semi-detached dwellings located in Killybegs.  The one on the left is uninhabited with an overgrown garden and the other one is lived in and well kept.