31 July, 2023

25 July, 2023

24 July, 2023


The sundial is situated on the shore of Lough Swilly at Buncrana in the Inishowen Penninsula.  You can read more here if interested.

22 July, 2023

saturday critters

Mr. Moth dropped by last week for a visit.  He found the eyeglass case a comfortable landing spot.

19 July, 2023

18 July, 2023

15 July, 2023

saturday critters

Eurasian collared dove sits here early in the morning and sings its tune.  Photo is a bit blurry but I only got one shot before the bird took off.

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14 July, 2023

11 July, 2023

09 July, 2023

Cooly Cross and Skull House

The Cooley Cross is located just outside the perimeter walls of an ancient graveyard near Moville. This is an early example of a High Cross and dates to the 8th century AD. The cross stands 10 feet high, is plain, and has an odd-looking hole on its top. This hole is thought to have contained a peg serving as a ‘gnomon’ for a rudimentary sundial and so the vertical shadow indicated the hour of noon. There is a cross with a similar hole on the greater Aran Island where the vertical shadow line is marked. At the base is a large flat stone containing a crude representation of a human foot, traditionally ascribed to St. Patrick himself. These types of hole-stones date back to pagan times and are thought to be used during marriages when couples joined hands when making vows.
Info courtesy of the curiousirelandwebsite

The Skull House is believed to be the resting place of Moville’s local Saint Finian.

04 July, 2023


 add their colour to the scene.  Came across this scene while out for a walk.