30 April, 2018

CDP monthly theme - laughing

these are called the smiling laughing heads.  It is actually one piece with a smiling laughing face on each side.  Couldn't find any people laughing and then I remembered these heads.  They hang on our front door window so people can see them and laugh or smile.

Felted smiling laughing heads were made by Shari.

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making the rounds

picking up the empty kegs at the pubs

27 April, 2018

25 April, 2018


one of the main roads leading in to Ardara.  Ardara, pronounced "Ardra", is about 120 km southwest of Moville. 

Located at the bottom of the hill is the John Doherty statue.  He was born in Ardara in 1900. 

24 April, 2018

the market

Leghowney Country Market is located in  the Leghowney Community Hall which is not far from Donegal Town.  Every other Saturday the market is held and members sell their crafts, produce and baked goods.  The food they serve is all from the local area.  On their menu, they have a five mile fry which everything is within five miles locally. 

the Irish Famine Pot

those two loaves that you see are inflatable.  Hard to believe, they looked so real. :)

the tea man was hard to focus, he was always moving refilling tea mugs.

23 April, 2018

a marker

something is going to be happening at the house with the balloons, I wonder what it is.

22 April, 2018

the peace bridge

I took this photo last July when we were at the Derry train station to pick up a friend.

The Peace Bridge is a cycle and foot bridge across the River Foyle in Derry, Northern Ireland. It opened on 25 June 2011, connecting Ebrington Square with the rest of the city centre.

19 April, 2018

dublin airport

last week our daughter arrived from Oregon for a visit.  We traveled to Dublin to meet her flight and then we all headed to Killybegs for a wonderful holiday.  Hope everyone had a wonderful week, we sure did. 

12 April, 2018

buncrana library

Buncrana Library is located in a converted Presbyterian church. The architect Peter Cullinane designed the building as 'mother and child'. This design allows the extension to coexist in harmony with the existing church. The building has a partial first floor mezzanine. Natural light from windows is supplemented with low energy fluorescent lighting. The building is naturally ventilated. A traditional 'Drontheim' fishing boat hangs suspended from the ceiling. 

Info courtesy of Public Library Buildings

09 April, 2018

heating oil theft

there has been an increase in heating oil theft this winter.  The perpetrators come at night and drain the tank of its oil.  People are told to report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods to the gardai (police).  You can see how easy it is to get access to a tank when it's placed out there in the open.  Not all tanks sit outside like this one, some keep them locked up in a shed.  This tank is rather small compared to others I've seen.

08 April, 2018

double parking

is an issue on Saturday nights and Sundays when people attend St. Pius X church services.  It's causing traffic problems and the town isn't happy.  The county council is looking for a solution and one solution is to create a parking area close by.  Around fifty cars double parked during Mass, making it difficult for passing two-way traffic.

05 April, 2018

03 April, 2018

02 April, 2018

01 April, 2018

Monthly CDP theme ~ one colour

located near Ballinrobe on the way to Lough Mask.
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