29 September, 2022

hauling a load

I was waiting for the bus last week when this guy drove by with his load.  He wasn't going fast, it's good because that load could fall easily off the trailer. 

27 September, 2022

trimming experts

working trimming all of these overgrown branches.  They probably weren't trimmed in many years.

the aftermath
the branches reached the building on the other side and had to be removed.  You couldn't see the small pinkish building across the river.  The owners were afraid of the buildings being damaged.  There are a couple of buildings on the left side but not shown in the photo that the branches also touched.  I took these photos from the street bridge.


26 September, 2022

mural monday

 this mural can be seen at the Hub Youth Centre in Glenties.

linking up with Sami for mural monday

25 September, 2022

a pleasant walk

here are some nice homes that I saw a few weeks ago not far from the main road.  It's about a mile from where we live.

24 September, 2022


including the kitchen sink.  

I had a nice break and also moved to Glenties which is not far from Bunbeg.  It is not so isolated and we love it plus we live beside a river.  Listening to it flow by is a pleasant sound.  Hope you all had a wonderful summer.