31 May, 2020

hanging clothes

a nice sunny day for the laundry to dry

you can see the clothesline on the far right past the house

28 May, 2020


standing outside their door holding a water container and a heart that reads "gnome sweet gnome". 

27 May, 2020


seen in the window of the Cope Clothing Store here in town

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25 May, 2020

garden revisited

we passed this cottage again last week and the woman's garden has taken off .  It's really pretty and has grown so fast.  The last view was almost six weeks ago & can be seen here

24 May, 2020

23 May, 2020

saturday critters

enjoying the waterfalls
from the archives June 2014

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22 May, 2020

21 May, 2020

20 May, 2020


Creagh TB Hospital in Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo. It is a desolated place where many suffered and died from the tuberculous disease in the 1940/50's.  It now stands as a monument of sickness and death as the earth slowly takes back the decaying ruins.
Photo from the archives 2014  Info courtesy of Ballinrobe Historical website

The building has been restored and now is listed on airbnb

18 May, 2020

being safe

"Paddy the Cope" Gallagher pictured beside The Cope supermarket. His somewhat unusual middle name 'The Cope' refers to his family connection to The Cope agricultural cooperative which operates in The Rosses area of Donegal. The name comes from the inability of one of the founder shareholders to say Co-Op - as he could pronounce Cope, the name The Cope was adopted.
Info courtesy of geograph.ie

Today we enter phase 1 which means
-a return to work for outdoor workers in areas such as construction, gardeners
-retailers who primarily operate outdoors such as garden centres, hardware stores and farmers markets will be allowed to reopen.
-allowed to exercise with others in small groups of up to four people while having no contact
still required is social distancing, 5km limit from home for exercise and if you don't need to be out then stay in.  There are 5 phases with about 3 weeks between each one.  Hopefully we will meet all the guidelines.

09 May, 2020

saturday critters

got lucky and saw this beautiful heron surveying the area

lots of squawking from these two

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08 May, 2020


the view yesterday heading to the pier

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07 May, 2020

dungloe river sights

For the last six weeks we weren’t allowed to be more than 2km away from our home for exercise purposes.  A few days ago the restriction was updated to 5km.  Also, people 70 and older were allowed outside after cocooning for the same period.  We celebrated by taking a longer walk. :)

some kind of river plant

linking up with my corner of the world

06 May, 2020


Saw this sign on the River Walk the other day when I was walking.  I looked up the group and found this info. 
Congratulations to the ‘Green Team' from Rosses Foróige Neighbourhood Youth Project in Dungloe that won the Community Group first prize for their video about Climate Action titled ‘Acting Local, Thinking Global' at the ReelLIFE SCIENCE Video Competition Galway Awards.The group created a short environmental video on the subject of 'Single Use Plastics' and were shortlisted to the final 9 finalists from around Ireland.

If interested check out their video (2:53) here https://youtu.be/6HYhesfB9g8

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