30 June, 2019


for the bus, I noticed the windscreen view of another bus.

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29 June, 2019

saturday critters

my name is Sammy and I'm a good boy. 

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28 June, 2019


a good day yesterday to be out in the water.

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26 June, 2019


located on Assaroe Road in Ballyshannon is the Port of the Dead, named for a spot where the recently deceased were transported before bridges were built across the Erne. The journey was made in silence until the boats crossed the water and the dead were brought to rest at nearby Assaroe Abbey.

25 June, 2019

Atlantic Dawn

Roshine Rd, Killybegs, Co. Donegal, Ireland

The Atlantic Dawn Group is one of Europe’s leading producers of frozen pelagic fish. The group is engaged in catching, processing and marketing of frozen pelagic fish products.
Here you see the fish boxed and ready to be loaded and transported.

24 June, 2019

monday mural

A cute little mural-ish art piece :)
Seen in Letterkenny at the Honey Pot Coffee House

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23 June, 2019

Doe Castle

is located on Sheephaven Bay, Co. Donegal.  The castle is believed to have been built in the 1420s.  There was no access to the castle but anyone can enjoy the grounds.  The castle has guided tours but only in July and August.  Click on Doe Castle to read more.

The road leading to the castle

Doe Castle

22 June, 2019

saturday critters

here we have the cows of Creeslough that we passed by.

on our way back, they were resting.

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19 June, 2019


Sister Sara's has just been renovated and recently reopened their pub and kitchen featuring a new menu and live music.  We have never been in there so maybe the next time we're in Letterkenny we will check it out.  I heard it is a popular place to have lunch.

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18 June, 2019


placing new flowers in the flower box across from the pier.  There were two boxes at this site and more further down toward the centre of town.

16 June, 2019

Duntally Wood Nature Reserve

While we were in Creeslough, we had a chance to visit Duntally and walk the trail.  What a beautiful place this is with lots of green.  As we walked the trail, we came across one guy with his dog and didn't see anyone else.  We walked to the end of the trail and turned around and headed back to where we started.  It was so quiet all we could hear were the birds singing and our footsteps.  A lovely way to spend part of the morning.

Duntally Wood Nature Reserve is a 2.5km loop trail takes you from the car-park along old cart-ways and down into the valley bottom. Potatoes and cereals were once grown in these meadows. Some have been cleared of tree cover to increase diversity within the woodland.
Extending to over 15 hectares it is a fantastic example of an oak, ash, hazel woodland. Other notable tree species include Holly, Elm and Downy Birch. Ground flora is varied throughout the woodland and changes with soil and habitat type, common species include wood anemone, early purple orchid, hard fern, wild garlic, meadowsweet, bugle, and bluebell.
Info courtesy of Natural Parks & Wildlife Services

15 June, 2019

14 June, 2019

skywatch friday

Killybegs Harbour this past Wednesday around 6pm

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13 June, 2019


Rose's Bar & Kitchen , 102 years at this location in Creeslough.
We visited Rose's Kitchen and it was a lovely little place and the salmon we had was excellent.  Didn't go in to the bar because we didn't want a drink.

the plaque can be seen on the facade of the building by the door.

bar, kichen and takeaway window

inside the dining room.

old photos of Creeslough hang on the wall

12 June, 2019

sweet sign

I'll pass, not a big fan of donuts.  We were in Letterkenny yesterday and passed this bakery with the donuts in the window.  I haven't had a donut in years and was rather shocked that they were so expensive.  Must be "special donuts" for that price.

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10 June, 2019

dry stone wall

the stone walls around the Creeslough area are mainly dry stone walls and look incredible.   That is Muckish Mountain in the bsckground.  We were walking to Doe Castle which is a few miles from here.

08 June, 2019

saturday critters

I seen these horses when I was in Creeslough.

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07 June, 2019

05 June, 2019


bus passing the Diamond in Donegal Town on its way to drop off tourists.

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