31 December, 2020

30 December, 2020


 Sally's kitchen is open this week.  She has homemade, local and seasonal food.  The seating follows all the Covid guidelines.

29 December, 2020

tight corner

It took the driver a few tries to safely maneuver around the corner.
from the archives, Ballinrobe, 2014.


28 December, 2020


the weather was clear, cold and very windy, no problems for the bird flying high.

25 December, 2020

merry christmas

wishing everyone a happy, peaceful and safe Christmas.
I'll be taking a break until Monday.

23 December, 2020


on the radio we heard that the Health Minister was asked if Santa was still coming even though travelling is not advised because of Covid.  He assured everyone by saying Santa is considered an essential worker and will be doing his work.  No worries, it's all sorted out.

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22 December, 2020

on the edge

the roots must be deep keeping the trees grounded.

this tree is located across from the one in the top photo

19 December, 2020

saturday critters

passed these turkeys last Friday afternoon.  I don't know if they were arriving or departing.

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17 December, 2020

a quick walk

around the block and I happened to catch a couple of birds flying around.  It was very windy with mist and not very appealing.  

15 December, 2020

13 December, 2020

daisy survivors

 with all the frosty nights we are getting, these daisies just shake it off

10 December, 2020

09 December, 2020


Kevin the Carrot, his wife Katie, and kiddies, Jasper and Chantenay arrived at Aldi and are back for another festive season.  Kevin has been rescued and reunited with his family. If interested you can watch below and see how Santa saves the day,

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07 December, 2020

05 December, 2020

saturday critters

 a friendly dog I happened to see when I was walking the river walk trail a couple of months ago

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01 December, 2020

monthly theme - comfort food

lasagne in a slow cooker, Shari's first time cooking it this way.  It came out great, it's our favorite meal.

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