31 May, 2016

a stare and a glance

The other day we headed out to go to the garden centre to pick up some herb plants.  The little guy on the sidewalk just sat there and stared at us.  He stood his ground and didn't budge. :)  Our neighborhood has a few dogs but this was our first meeting with him.  Tough little guy!

 The sheep were next to the garden centre but they weren't interested in us.  Just take the photo and move long, so we did.

30 May, 2016

break time

The guy walking just finished checking his boat to make sure it was secured.  His buddy, sitting on the wall, was taking a break and talking to the driver of the oil truck.  Below are three different photos of the scene.  I like the one with the oil truck because of the colour it adds to the image.  Also in the photo is the art piece, The Fid, created by Derry artist Locky Morris

29 May, 2016

a day of deliveries

I happened to be out when these three trucks were heading in to town to deliver some more windmill sections.  These sections were not as long as the previous ones so there was no problems or delays.  I saw a Garda vehicle drive up ahead to monitor the situation.  After taking a few photos we headed down toward the water.  I noticed that some people still get their milk delivered.  I remember when I was growing up, we had a milkman deliver our milk but it was in a glass bottle and it was placed inside by our door.  Here, in most cases there isn't an inside door.  The mornings are cool so I guess the milk is ok to be outside for a bit.  If you can't place the milk by a door, I guess the window is the next best option. 

28 May, 2016

St. Pius X Church of Moville

St. Pius X Roman Catholic Parish Church of Moville with a dodecagonal lantern, built in 1956—1958.  The building on the left is the convent that used to house the nuns of the parish.  Today it is a home for elderly people.

The bells can be heard through the speakers which are programmed to ring/play at certain hours of the day, usually at noon and at six.

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27 May, 2016

Swan Park

We spent some time yesterday afternoon in Swan Park when we were in Buncrana.  There is a heritage trail there and it takes you alongside the Crana River.  It is a nice and shady walk and about a mile long with lots of benches so you can sit and eat, rest or whatever.  We will have to go back for a longer visit some time.  We only spent a few hours in town before we had to catch the bus back home.

Castle Bridge

Another view of Castle Bridge

Looking back from the bridge

Another view that leads to buncrana beach

I thought this looked like a dead fish but it is actually a piece of wood that washed up

the remaining photos are of the Crana River

26 May, 2016

busing to buncrana

We took the bus to Buncrana yesterday to do some grocery shopping.  Buncrana is on the western side of the Inishowen Peninsula and we are on the eastern side in Moville.  It takes about one hour to get there via R238.  Of course I have a window seat and pass my time taking photos.  Some come out and some don't.  Some have window reflections in them and that's ok.   But sometimes you get a happy surprise.  Usually I would delete them but I'm beginning to embrace them.  It's a work in progress and it offers a window in to our little part of the world.  The bus offers me the opportunity to capture images I wouldn't ordinarily see.   I'm a photoholic what else can I say :)  Have a great day wherever you are!

25 May, 2016

an afternoon in moville

The beginning of our stroll on the coastal walk yesterday afternoon looked like this with the cloud covering on the opposite side.

 flowers adding some colour to the view

 a piece of wood and some greenery

 a bird taking it easy

 a boat in the distance

 a closer view of the boat

 some cool weathered looking rocks

 another view of the rocks

 a boot to kick around with

 and to top it off,  an ice cream to go home with!

24 May, 2016

an old house

that needs some maintenance, yard work and TLC.  I would like to know what the story behind this  house is.  No signs, no people, no idea.  Hope it finds the help it needs.

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23 May, 2016

22 May, 2016

full or empty

I wonder if this truck was delivering or picking up these kegs.  Were they empty or full.  Considering it was on a Monday morning, I assume he was collecting the empties.  There are at least eight pubs in town, three in the area where the truck is.   It's funny to see Budweiser here where it's considered an import.  Far from a good tasting beer in my opinion.

21 May, 2016

mobile banking

The first time I saw this mobile bank, I was surprised.  I never knew that they existed.  AIB (Anglo Irish Bank) previously had a branch in town but it closed.  The mobile unit comes in to town once a month, pulls up to the curb and their customers show up to use their services.  There are ATM machines available around town so their customers are not completely without access to their money.  On the other side of the unit is a door and stairs that lead you in to the bank.  There was a line there and a security person so I didn't take a photo when I walked by.  Maybe next time I'll get a chance.

20 May, 2016

a walk and a glove

The photos were taken on a nice and sunny morning last week.  Today is it raining with gusty winds :(  This dog and his handler are enjoying a morning stroll on the shore walk.  The photo below is a glove I saw that was washed up on the rocks.  Seems like it was offering a gift.

19 May, 2016

the real deal

On Monday, the windmills were being delivered and there were no people with signs protesting.  The trial run was not mentioned in the news as such so that is probably why people showed up with their signs.    You can see them approaching the town on the main road.  All three of the lorries made the corner on their first attempt.  There was one hangup though.  In the last two photos, a  vehicle got stuck.  There was a weird noise under the car and it started to smoke.  His wheels were stuck and wouldn't move.  So another vehicle tied him up and towed him off the street.  And that my friends was all the excitement for Monday in the small town called Moville.