11 May, 2016

halfway mark

This is the end of the Moville portion of the Shore Walk.  You can go on and finish the walk to Greencastle if you wish or stop to rest, eat and then head back in the direction of the center of Moville.  Whatever you choose to do, you get some good walking exercise.  On our first introduction to the shore walk, we decided to stop and eat lunch and then head back to town.  We were in town to check it out before deciding to move.  

This is right after you pass the sign.  Great place to stop and rest, eat or whatever.

 This is the view you get when you stop at the halfway rest area.  A beautiful view indeed!


  1. I like the hills (or mountains) across the water.

  2. The stone is fabulous and the beach is a wonderful destination.

  3. That is a gorgeous view. I really like it when the light shimmers on the water like that.

  4. Fantastic view and a creative bench and tables.