20 September, 2020

19 September, 2020

saturday critters

the cows of Bowers Walk in Ballinrobe 2014.

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18 September, 2020


early evening sky this past Tuesday.

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15 September, 2020


the trail on the river walk flooded from the rain the last two days making it inaccessible.  Two people were headed back out when I came in and told me that I wouldn't get through to the other side.  So, I had to continue a little ways before I came up to it and took the photo.  I'm hoping it will be gone when I go back.

12 September, 2020

saturday critters

saw the donkeys again yesterday but they were two different ones.  They were grooming each other but it looks like the dark one fell asleep. :)

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11 September, 2020

the mill

the two stone buildings were part of a mill complex back in the 1770s.  

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09 September, 2020

signs 2

according to their facebook page, serial grillers is a trendy, fun, American Style food truck with griller food.  Food you would do time for...

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07 September, 2020

the 271

local link bus to the big city, Letterkenny.  It takes about an hour to get there.

05 September, 2020

saturday critters

these photos were taken from one of our windows.

the little dog looks rather comfortable

waiting to see what she brought back from the store, better have a treat :)

this shaggy boy did not like being left in the car while the owner took off down the street.  All he did was bark and jump around in the car, very agitated.

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04 September, 2020


7:11am Wednesday morning.

a few minutes later a double rainbow appeared

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02 September, 2020


brysons recycling centre
cans and glass are free and the bins are on the right, everything else has a price and it's on the left.

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30 August, 2020


yesterday morning on the field beside the river walk.  School begins next week, I don't know if sports is even on the menu and yes it did rain. :(

28 August, 2020

27 August, 2020

old tractor

as I was walking up quay street this old tractor passed me and I had to quickly grab my camera.  I almost missed him completely.  Only got one shot and this is it.

25 August, 2020

status orange

valid from 9pm tonight (monday) until 5pm tomorrow.  It will bring some intense rainfall according to the weather forecast.

24 August, 2020

old abbey graveyard

is located where the Eske River flows into Donegal Bay the Old Abbey stood for more than two centuries despite being ransacked, burned and ravaged. It finally faced abandonment during the early years of the 17th century.
Built by Hugh O’Donnell in 1474, the abbey now only exists as ruins, but the south transept, various areas of the cloisters, and the choir areas are still visible. The nearby graveyard bears evidence of burials occurring for more than a century after the abbey was abandoned.
Info courtesy of this is donegal website

The view is from the Donegal Bank Trail, a 3.2km out and back trail.

the video is 1:21 long

22 August, 2020

saturday critters

the sheep of carnmore road

the rear view :-)

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21 August, 2020

19 August, 2020