28 September, 2019

saturday critters

waiting for their human who was busy nearby (a few feet from the car).

they decided to take a nap

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27 September, 2019


sunset in Ballinrobe taken from the kitchen window

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26 September, 2019

down on main street

there are a few places on main street that are being renovated and painted.
All photos were taken last week except the third one.

I posted this one back in May.  This photo was taken a few weeks ago.  This is going to be a restaurant.  The people who own the Seafood Shack down on the pier are going to be the owners of this new place.   Work is still going on inside and should be ready next month or soon after.  I expect they would still have someone work at the shack in the spring when it usually opens.

25 September, 2019


people use these for the big items that don't fit in to the small sized machines that are in most houses.  I didn't even know they existed until I passed it one day.

this is the back of a convenient store where the machine is located.

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24 September, 2019

clearing the land

it's a mystery right now but the work is still going on.  Maybe a house is my guess, time will tell.

23 September, 2019

Old St. Catherine's Church and Graveyard

I shared a post back in April of this ruin, this is a closer view as I walked around it.
The church was built around the 1400’s.

view of the back

a view inside

looking through, you can see ships in the harbour and a guy strimming the grass/weeds

another view looking inside toward the far side of the ruin, you can see a couple of gravestones

part of the graveyard

22 September, 2019

fancy car

that you rarely see around here.  The guy was waiting for his fish and chips that someone was getting.

21 September, 2019

saturday critters

this little guy and I crossed paths when I left the store and was on my way home.  Definitely a cutie.

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20 September, 2019


sunset down at the harbour.

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18 September, 2019


saw this sign advertising cod fish from Killybegs in Donegal Town.

15 September, 2019

weekend reflections

local art is sometimes displayed in vacant buildings.

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14 September, 2019

saturday critters

hanging out in the tree

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13 September, 2019


coastguard helicopter heading toward the harbour last weekend.

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12 September, 2019

motorcycle sidecar

photo taken last Saturday on shore road.  Letterkenny Institute of Technology was having an event on campus thus all the parked cars.

09 September, 2019

monday mural - fish stop

the old butcher shop is now the new fish shop.  It opened last Friday.  The  butcher shop closed its doors at the end of last year.  The mural is based on a historical photo and people were talking about who was in it. 

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08 September, 2019

07 September, 2019


whenever I see these two dogs, they are always together.

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06 September, 2019


waiting for the bus, this was the scene across the road.  Seagulls freaking out helping the workers, looking for anything fishy.  It was pure chaos. :)

Frosses is a small village that the bus passes through, picks up a few people, then turns around and continues on to Donegal Town   There is a school on the right and a village shop, you can see the sign straight ahead.  (bus window photo).

a bike with donegal colours. green and yellow  (bus window photo)

We got off the bus and headed through the diamond to cross the road.  We saw a number of bikers just leaving as we walked through.  It was a rainless day which was nice. :)