29 June, 2022

26 June, 2022


 I've seen on my walks around town

in a front garden

through a fence

in a parking lot

23 June, 2022

small shed

 I think it's used for storage.  I've seen sheep around there at times but none today.

22 June, 2022


a delicatessen that closed down during covid

Molly’s Old Fashioned Sweet Shop, designed with children of all ages in mind, whether they be an excited 4 year old looking for quite simply the biggest bag in the shop, or an equally excited 54 year old, looking for a quarter of Bull’s Eyes, and one of Rhubarb Rock to go with it. 

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21 June, 2022

farmers' market

 in Dunfanaghy a few weeks ago.  Looks like the dogs got security covered. :)

18 June, 2022

saturday critters

 I didn't see this sheep until it moved its head.  The others were further away.

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15 June, 2022

13 June, 2022

monday mural

Simply de Vine it's an ice cream parlour located on upper Main Street Dunfanaghy.  It offers home-made artisan ice cream, traybakes, milkshakes, smoothies & coffee.  It was closed the day we were there. :)

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11 June, 2022

10 June, 2022

field trip

the kids going on a field trip, maybe to the river walk which is down the road

08 June, 2022


not for sale or rent, what for then?  Maybe that's why it's vacant.

the happy camper in Creeslough

see on main street, Dungloe

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