30 June, 2016

renovations completed

The new roof and windows are done and now it is ready to be rented.  To see it before click here.

29 June, 2016

mixed weather

Cloudy, windy, occasional light rain, occasional heavy rain, a bit of sun and not much else!  I guess we got all kinds of weather rolled into one day.

Lough Foyle

Bath Terrace Lane

28 June, 2016

Moville Coastguard Station

The Coastguard Station is about a 15 minute walk from Moville's Market Square.  The only info I found on the station was from the Coastguards of Yesterday website which is below.

In April 1901 Father got promoted and we moved to Coastguard Station Moville on the north shore of Lough Foyle in the Innishowen peninsula.  The Coastguard Station Moville contained 14 families in two blocks of seven cottages.  Today they are holiday homes.

27 June, 2016

have a seat

Along the Moville Shore Walk there are lots of places to stop and sit.   They help make the walk all that more pleasant.  Some of the seats are made of concrete blocks and have designs on them.  On the top is a piece of marble that makes it more comfortable.  There are a few benches that are made of rock and are part of the wall.  If it is raining there are places to go to get out of the rain.  Those old white enclosures offer you a bit of protection.  All of these little things help to encourage people to live and walk toward a healthy lifestyle.

The bench is part of the wall.
A good place to stop and eat.  There is a curved seat that is behind those two rock tables.

Good place to get out of the rain.

26 June, 2016

the king

While in Galway, I saw the king with one of his subjects :)

25 June, 2016

all tied up

On one of our morning walks in Oranmore, I came across these boats and liked how they looked in the quietness of the morning.  Later, on our way back, they were gone.
Oranmore is in County Galway about a 10 minute drive to Galway City.  We stayed there for a week when we first moved to Ireland.  It is also where my paternal grandmother was born in 1870.  She emigrated to America around 1900. 

24 June, 2016


Some of the flowers that I saw as we navigated through Sligo on our way to my eye appointment.

23 June, 2016

road bridge

This is one of three road bridges that go over the Garavogue River in Sligo.  Sligo also has two pedestrian bridges of which I showed you one yesterday.  These road bridges also allow people to fish.  I seen a few people fishing but I didn't see any fish.  Hopefully they were lucky!

22 June, 2016

pedestrian walking bridge

The bridge over the Garavogue River in Sligo.  The Garavogue River was originally called the Sligeach or the Sligo River, a name meaning abounding in shells, due largely to the abundance of shellfish found in the waters surrounding the town. So abundant in fact, that bucket-loads of shells were removed when foundations for the town's buildings were laid.  The Garavogue is a fairly narrow, fast-flowing river, in which the salmon fishing season is very long indeed. There is an ancient manuscript which states that Saint Patrick met two fishermen on the Garavogue River and asked them for a salmon, the fishermen explained that there were no salmon here in the winter months, however they cast their nets into the river and to their surprise found a large salmon from their nets, which they presented to Saint Patrick. In return Saint Patrick is said to have blessed the Garavogue River and imparted to it the privilege of yielding salmon throughout the year.(info from Wikipedia)

21 June, 2016

William Grant & Co.

When we travel to Buncrana, the bus lets us off about a block from this building.   I found the building unusual but I like its curved shape. 
William Grant & Co. first opened its doors in 1985 and is situated in the heart of Buncrana at the West End.  Today it is one the largest Financial Services Company in Inishowen. (google search)

20 June, 2016

donegal colors

This bike was sitting outside an eatery in Buncrana.  Green and yellow are the colours associated with Donegal County.  Of course Shari noticed the crocheted seat and the flowers in the basket make it an attractive looking bike for the tourists to see.

18 June, 2016

St. Eugene's Temperange Hall

This building serves as a community and family resource centre and it's right down the street from where the coastal walk begins.  It is located between Main Street and the waterfront.  This is the info I found on the building:  St. Eugene’s Hall [Temperance Hall], a stucco Baroque, gable-ended building with elaborate detailing and decorative roof line built in 1887. 

this side faces Lough Foyle

17 June, 2016

vintage machinery

I happened to be walking when I saw this vintage piece of machinery heading up the road.  I think it was part of the Vintage Show and Car Rally that happened last weekend.    I guess he dropped off another vintage piece in the parking lot behind me.  Those are seen in the next photos.

15 June, 2016

flowers and a flag

I passed this place on my way to the recycling bins and liked the way it looked.  I think it was because of the red door.  I love red and those flowers do add some colour and make it an appealing photo opp.  Can't pass those up!  I imagine the flag is flying due to the Euro 2016 Games.

14 June, 2016

I want one too

Saw this little guy when we were in Buncrana last week.  His person was probably inside the store that is to the right of the dog.  He was whimpering for his ice cream and he was trying hard.  Hope he got a treat for waiting.

13 June, 2016

outdoor work

Lots of work getting done while the weather is good which means there is NO RAIN right now.

Painters painting

 Volunteers planting flowers around Market Square

A home owner fixing his roof

12 June, 2016


This is the central library located in Letterkenny.  It has two floors and lots of books.  If you have a library card from Donegal Co. you can check out any book from any library in the county.  You can also return them to any library in the county.  It is very convenient and is opened six days a week.

This is our little local library located only a few minutes walk from our apartment.  We still have access to every book in every library.  The inter-library loan system is excellent and it doesn't take long to get your book.  Our library is only opened two days a week--Wed and Fri from 9:30-5:30.  It's a small library compared to the central library but it acts just as big for the members in the community :)

This is the Ballinrobe library which was our first local library when moved to Ireland.  It is located in Co Mayo and is housed in a former Church of Ireland church.  There are numerous libraries located in former churches throughout the country which is a great way to reuse an existing building.

10 June, 2016

busing to buncrana II

Photos from the bus window on our way to Buncrana from Moville.

 A person walking toward the main road

   going through Malin


a thatched roof  cottage

a small metal chair in the field