25 January, 2023

21 January, 2023

saturday critters

this cute little dog was sitting on his owners lap. 

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19 January, 2023

cold and windy

too icy to be out and about, another day of reading and hot beverages for me.

18 January, 2023


sign on bus

flashback to small boxes of cereal.  We haven't seen these small sizes in years.  I used to eat them as a kid, so many different varieties back then, just split the box open, add milk and eat. :)

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17 January, 2023

more road work

being done on main street.  It was supposed to be finished two months ago, no one knows what the problem is.  The weather is not making it any easier.  It was snowing again early in the morning, cold and windy.

16 January, 2023

12 January, 2023


there was a fatal accident yesterday.  A person was hit while walking on the main road in Killybegs.  Very sad day for the family and the community  It was a shock to the town, she was the local postmistress and recently retired.

11 January, 2023



early morning delivery to the not yet open restaurant

newspapers and ice cream ready for the store opening.

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06 January, 2023

bridge street

a very narrow street in Killybegs.  They are considering making it a one way street.

04 January, 2023

community green space

on a dull day.  It's located about a mile from where we live.  We'll have to revisit it in the spring when nature is rejuvenating itself.

water flowing down the steps

lots of benches to sit and listen

water flowing by

a gazebo

plants, bushes and trees