30 October, 2023

27 October, 2023

brown bench

 past this on my walk, a nice and quiet spot to take a break.

26 October, 2023

autumn colours

 are proceeding slowly.  This photo is from Wednesday and is a tree in our neighbors yard.

25 October, 2023


 Jack's fresh fish parked every Thursday on Main Street

Electric toothbrushes for kids
Gerry the giraffe. Flossy the cow and Teddy the tiger

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23 October, 2023

19 October, 2023


going on the building that used to house the charity shop.  They moved out and now the house will soon be on the market.

18 October, 2023


Dungloe are the champions.  After a stunning comeback from seven points down at half time against Ardara, Dungloe came back to win the Donegal LGFA MFC Division 1 title in MacCumhaill Park on Sunday afternoon.  LGFA = Ladies Gaelic Football Association.  We didn't attend the game.

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17 October, 2023

market day

a few people come down from Northern Ireland and place their items  by and on their cars on main street to sell.  People do stop and look but I don't know how successful the sellers are.  A windy or rainy day would cause some problems I would think.

16 October, 2023

last flowers?

these are located down the lane where we live.  Took the photo four days ago.

15 October, 2023


 saw this weird face on the building across the street while waiting for the bus.

11 October, 2023


a digital sign at the library informing kids where to seek help if they need it.

choose the direction you wish to go for biking, hiking or parking
the Gaeltacht Way (brown sign translated)

tea shop

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05 October, 2023

01 October, 2023

theme day - transportation

 Northwest bus heading to Letterkenny

Bus √Čireann's main station in Galway

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