26 December, 2022

the guinness tower

The Guinness Tower was built in 1864 by Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness, situated on the property of Ashford Castle located in Cong, Co. Mayo.
Photo taken 26/12/14

24 December, 2022


 our dog back in 1998 when we lived in Alaska.  She looks thrilled, doesn't she. :)

22 December, 2022

thompson flower shop

our local flower shop has been creating lots of beautiful flower displays for the holiday season

they're even making bird feeders for the local birds

a plant holder

16 December, 2022

window shot

last night we got a little bit of snow and the temps were around -5C.  Very cold for here.  The view here is from my back window and the river is on the right which you can't see.  

a few trees for sale for Christmas


07 December, 2022


 stop  here Santa

Sweet News: Ice Cream Boutique

linking to Tom's signs2

01 December, 2022

28 November, 2022

animals in need

they had a black friday sale where everything in the shop was €1.   We came out with a few books, they were 3 for €1

27 November, 2022

hanging the lights

due to all the rain and winds we're getting, the switching on of the lights had to be postponed from this weekend to next weekend.