27 April, 2022


 the symbol of Ireland

the ramp

Notice:  no responsibility can be accepted for loss or damaged to vehicles parked

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26 April, 2022

wildfire risks

there was a gorse fire a few miles from Bunbeg yesterday.  The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has issued a Fire Danger Notice, Condition Orange, for all areas where hazardous fuels such as gorse, heather, dried grasses, and other vegetation exist.

23 April, 2022

saturday critters

his human said he just woke up and wanted to go for his walk.  He does look tired and could use a bit of grooming.  Nobody looks perfect when they first get up. :)

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17 April, 2022

14 April, 2022


Balcas Brites currently provide one of the best biomass alternatives to fossil fuel on the UK and ROI markets today. Brites wood pellets are a low emission, high calorific value, and sustainable product created from waste products from Balcas saw mills.

Suitable for use in approved wood pellet boilers, Brites are ideal for reducing your fuel consumption and carbon footprint, while saving you considerable amounts on your energy bills (customers reported up to a 40% saving when switching to brites pellets).

Brites produce little ash when used and are screened and sieved before shipment, ensuring a clean and hassle-free product for use in your home or business which can be stored indefinitely!

Brites are cultivated from approved sustainable spruce & pine forests in Northern Ireland, and Brites policies include a 20 year fuel transparency plan, ensuring you know your fuel is both efficient & ethical.
Info courtesy of the electricalworld website.

13 April, 2022


just follow the arrow to the bunny trail from the charity shop

the bunny brigrade at Aldi

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12 April, 2022

crazy weather

behind me are some patches of blue skies.  We got some rain, hail and a touch of snow, it was over in less than a half hour.  Photo was taken last Friday.

11 April, 2022

06 April, 2022

05 April, 2022

building blocks

 construction has started on this new house.

this photo was taken two weeks later than the top one

04 April, 2022

mobile bank

AIB has four mobile community banks which cover over 30 rural locations in Donegal, Mayo, Limerick, Clare, Kerry, Cork, Tipperary and Galway.