30 October, 2022

27 October, 2022

smart street bins

This new smart bin can be found in Killybegs.

PEL has developed a solar-powered street bin that compacts waste, and allows the bins to hold 10 times their usual load. The waste is captured in a 120-litre wheelie bin housed inside the street unit.

The bins are fitted with cloud-based software that provides real-time information on the bin and alerts a local authority when it is full and needs to be emptied.  This would reduce the number of times a council would need to empty the bins.
Info courtesy of the Irish Times

26 October, 2022


the mobile barbershop who comes on Thursdays aka market day

gnome land, there are a few of these small gnomes on the grass

a fan of the local gaelic football team

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24 October, 2022


came across this hidden beauty next to the health centre.  Probably one of the very last flowers here in town that I've seen. 

23 October, 2022

21 October, 2022


he comes every Thursday and sets up his table on main street.   He has a wonderful variety of fish to choose from.  We've bought some smoked haddock, cod, salmon and a few other different ones and they were all nice and tasty.  

20 October, 2022

what is the meaning of this?

a bus window photo taken a few weeks ago.  
We've asked some people and no one knows its name or significance and we couldn't find anythng about it.  It's two people reaching out, but why.  It is located just outside of Lettermacaward.

19 October, 2022


 signs I'd seen last week  The bird sitting on the A just flew in to be included in the photo.

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18 October, 2022

new look

for these painted buildings.in Killybegs since the last time I was there  The first one is a pub painted in the Donegal colours,  On the other side of Vodafone is a new local craft store that people can sell their handmade items and the bkue building is a restaurang.

17 October, 2022

twin houses

the charity shop is located on the ground floor of the house on the right.  The person who owns the building lets the charity shop use it rent free.  That's very nice considering the price of renting these days. 

16 October, 2022

a rainy weekend and a championship

image of main street before the rains came.  The bunting hanging over the street is for the Naomh Conaill GAA Gaelic football team.  They won the Senior football championship for Donegal Divison B. on Saturday (yesterday).

13 October, 2022

10 October, 2022

monday mural

a mural depicting the Spanish Armada of 1588 by artist Nick Purdy of Blow Design.

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09 October, 2022

tragic event in Creeslough

 this past Friday at 3pm there was an explosion in this location which claimed 10 lives.  A very tragic event for this small community.  I took this photo May 2019 when we were visiting the area.  It is a beautiful town and we thought we might move there sometime.  The store (in the backgound) is a busy place where people buy their groceries, stop and use the post office which is also in the building or have a converation with people they know.  There was also apartments above and beside the store.  It was a hub of the community.  I hope the people can recover from this devastating event.  The whole country is shocked and in mourning.  
The authorities currently don't know the cause of the explosion and won't until their investigation is completed.  You can read it about HERE if you wish.

08 October, 2022

saturday critters

 the dog was barking at me and thought I was getting too close to the hanging laundry. :)

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07 October, 2022


yesterday afternoon it was raining pretty hard before and after I took this photo.  We got caught in it as we left the library and got soaked.

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03 October, 2022

monday mural

this mural can be see on the side of the Quiet Moment building in Letterkenny.  You can read about it here

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02 October, 2022

a peaceful place

to sit and enjoy the beauty of the fireweed which is known as Rosebay Willowherb here in Ireland.
Photo taken in July.

01 October, 2022

saturday critters

this doggy even had his hair combed so he would look fabulous and he succeeded. :)

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