30 August, 2023


 go slow sign

the T means it's a dead end

free items, zero waste
help yourself

interesting name for the barbershop

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22 August, 2023

spudman delivery

someone got their delivery of Kerrs pink potatoes.
Kerr's Pink is a popular commercially grown variety of potato in Ireland, which have a pink skin and a creamy white flesh with a flourier texture. 

11 August, 2023


those are piles of peat that you see on the right and they are not good for the environment.  It is cut in brick shape and stacked in teepee style piles to dry it.   You can read about it HERE if interested.

09 August, 2023


 creative art centre

teach cha
a little trailer down by the pier

we are flowers
a flower delivery for the flower shop

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08 August, 2023

postal flowers

there are some places around towns that have these kind of postal boxes built in a wall.  Very convenient for the people who live around there.  This one was seen in Buncrana.

06 August, 2023

03 August, 2023

new bench

sit here and you can listen to the sound of the river running by the flowers.

02 August, 2023


seen in a caravan window parked on main street in Dungloe.  She asked me if I was interested and I said no, thanks.  Around the corner there was a fun fair being set up so I imagine she was part of that.

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