26 November, 2016

the survivors

I took a walk up main street yesterday afternoon when it was still very foggy and cold.  These are the few flowers I saw and was surprised they were still around.  

The pink rose was in someone's garden and it was the last one to stand.  A round of applause please :)

these red roses were in the church yard with its buddies hanging on.  St. Columb's Church is in the background barely visible.

another survivor in the church yard  just behind the roses.  I have no idea what it is

here is St. Columb's Church in the fog

22 November, 2016

foggy morning

on the way to the health clinic, a seven minute walk from our apartment.  It was 9:45 when we left for my 10:00 appointment.

main street

down beside the fire station which right next to bredagh river

the Presbyterian Church

the road the clinic is on, it's just pass the stone wall on the left.  The gritters were out sanding the road.  It was rather slick walking,

 the front frosted lawn of the health clinic.  Thanks for coming along!

21 November, 2016

the upper trail

This path is up from the coastal walk and gives you a nice view.  It is nice to walk up here in the summer because it's quieter and shady.  The first image has a built in stone bench.  There are quite a few of them and you'll see people eating their lunch, reading or checking their phones.

this is one of the views that leads down to the coastal walk

another view point, there are places to sit against the wall in the lookout

18 November, 2016

who owns lough foyle?

there is a disagreement about who owns Lough Foyle.  Ireland claims they do, the UK disagrees and claims they do.  You can read about the controversy here

16 November, 2016


Growing up, the barbershop I went to had its pole mounted on the side of the building where the shop was.  It was red, white and blue.  Here it is red and white, I haven't seen many of these but now I am curious and will keep an eye out for them to see if they are different.  I never knew what the colors represented so I did a search and found this

The red and white pole outside barber shops references a time when barbers were expected to perform bloodletting and other medical procedures to heal the sick; red represented blood and white represented bandages.  If you want to read more click here

15 November, 2016

where everyhting is priceless

Closing down sale starts this Monday and continues daily 1-5pm.   The store will close 17th December for major refurbishment.

12 November, 2016

one of those days

raining and windy
picked up milk
then read
finished the book
case solved
Inspector Rebus
he’s the man

11 November, 2016

01 November, 2016

CDP Theme Day – Out of Focus

I rushed this photo without steadying my camera and got this.  It happens every now and then.   Got to love the hair!

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