23 December, 2019

Dungloe Pier

I'll be taking a break and will be back sometime in January.  I wish you all a very nice and happy holiday season.

Christmas tree at the pier

22 December, 2019


We spent Friday in Dungloe which is an hour drive north from Killybegs.  These are some photos I took while we were walking on main street.  Some of the businesses had window displays, they were nice to see.

21 December, 2019

saturday critters

a friendly pup that I crossed paths with.

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20 December, 2019

19 December, 2019


Christmas tree at the post office

Killybegs Community Hospital's lobby

festive lights seen around town

18 December, 2019

two styles

of Christmas trees for two towns.  Donegal Town is going with a real tree.

and Killybegs is going with metal frame with the lights arranged in a cone shape.

17 December, 2019

the veggie stand

in Donegal Town.  Went by it yeserday and they had wreaths for sale.   Lots of people walk through this area to get to the centre of town so maybe they'll sell lots of them.

15 December, 2019

hanging on

the last of the apples still hanging on.  Maybe the birds will eat them.

13 December, 2019


yesterday we had a little bit of everything, sun, rain and hail.

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12 December, 2019

wall collapse

on the side of the coastguard building we had a small building which wasn't used for anything.  I think it was a small place to park a car many years ago.  With the strong gusty winds we had during the week, the outside wall blew down.  Our neighbor parks his car in the space you see on the left.  Luckily it wasn't damaged so the other day he started to lower the remaining wall so it wouldn't be a problem.  Next month, he will rent a dumpster (skip) to have the cement blocks hauled away.

this is the front, trees had been growing inside for years.  It had a door, an opening for a window and no roof.  Not very sturdy for strong winds.  So the collapse was the loud noise we heard on Sunday night.  It's rather interesting, nobody really paid attention to the building.

11 December, 2019


a sign seen in a pub window in Mountcharles.

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10 December, 2019

Boathouse Restaurant

 is now opened.  The owners are the same people who run the Seafood Shack down at the pier.  I first showed this building when they started working on it back in the beginning of May.  They did a great job and it looks fantastic.  Hopefully it will be as popular as the Seafood Shack.

09 December, 2019

storm atiyah

arrived here on Sunday  Rain, gusty winds and thunde all through the day and evening.  I opened our door and took this photo of St. John's Church of Ireland.  It is on the road above us and with the leaves gone, you can see it.

07 December, 2019

saturday critters

I bought a book last week at the charity shop and this was a card inside.  The person who wrote on the back of it, thanked the recipient for doing her a favor.  I have to admit, the dog is kind of funny but I'm sure it is a special companion for someone.

05 December, 2019

memorial bench

James Anthony McGroary was the longest serving taximan in South Donegal for the last 40 years.  This bench was placed in his memory by his friends in the taxi rank.

the bench is located right near where the taxis park

04 December, 2019

01 December, 2019

cdp monthly theme - rainbow

I took this photo this past May from outside the old coastguard station.

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