22 September, 2021


nice bee, don't know about the food

Hulk is trying to keep the petrol prices down but he's not succeeding. 

I bet there were a few people who were not happy if their car got locked in.

linking to Tom's signs2

21 September, 2021


confined to cages to create a wall.  There is a path to the right of this that leads back to a small playground.

20 September, 2021


to the library.  A tight fit for this truck coming down the road, it was the only vehicle we saw.  I was surprised to see it but maybe he was lost.  A view of Mt. Errigal.

18 September, 2021


 the 40 foot troll.

one of his massive hands

one of his cold big feet.  You remember that he left his boots behind at the beginning of the trail

the story of the land of magic