15 January, 2021

14 January, 2021

tight squeeze

A quick note:
A few folks have asked Shari and I to post some stories about our time living in Alaska. We are starting that now, on another blog. It begins with a photo collage of photos I took during our time there. In future, we will be sharing stories and photos about our experiences. Some of the stories are longer, so Shari has broken them up into segments. The photos are taken by me and  most of the writing was done by Shari. If anyone is interested, the link to the blog is here and the first post is here

13 January, 2021


the fairies meeting place can be seen in back with the red door  Saw this sign when I was at the river walk yesterday.

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also linking to my corner of the world

10 January, 2021

Albert Memorial Clock

The Albert Memorial Clock is a clock tower situated at Queen's Square in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It was completed in 1869 and is one of the best known landmarks of Belfast.

from the archives 2015

09 January, 2021

saturday critters

 Finley, a westie poo, being cute.  Finley is a friend's dog and ready for his walk.

he's getting tired of waiting. :)

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