31 December, 2017

30 December, 2017

what's he doing

usually you can see the birds sit around these chimneys when its cold.  This chimney doesn't have the mesh cones on it to keep the birds out.  The bird looking down is watching one of his buddies who just went inside.  Don't know how long it stayed inside but it can't be good for the owners.

28 December, 2017

traffic jam

heading to Moville from Greencastle.  Tractors seem to be the cause and everyone wants to pass them.

27 December, 2017

Funky Monkey

I saw this van parked at our local Centra Store last week.  I knew about the inflatable castles but not all the other services that they provide.  How times have changed! 

Bouncy Castles & slides available for kids 8 and under
Gladiator Challenge & Sumo Suits:  Suit up with our collection of Sumo and Gladiator battles. We also have Bouncy Boxing and a Bungee Run for those seeking a more energetic event.
DJ available for all major functions & events including Weddings, 18th, 21st and After Wedding parties. We can also provide karaoke. Professional sound & Lighting  

23 December, 2017

an unexpected surprise

When I left my house this morning for my walk, I headed up the hill as I usually do.  Suddenly, I heard someone saying good morning.  So I turned around to say hi and was surprised at who I saw.  I laughed and said, "I wasn't expecting  to see you today."  He laughed and said that "he had some things to check on before his big trip." A quick photo so I would know that it wasn't a dream and off we went to begin our day

16 December, 2017

the chirper who could

this bird can chirp pretty loud.  At first I couldn't see where he was chirping from but then I noticed the little fellow perched on a bracket.  It was the perfect stage for him. :)

15 December, 2017

a sunny appearance

after a rainy morning, the sun returned for a while so I went down to the water and took a long walk.  It was absolutely nice to be out and about again.  Toward the end of my walk, the rain did return and lasted in to the night along with gusty winds.  I'm happy with the photo I got.  Have a great weekend.

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14 December, 2017

13 December, 2017

the Flight of the Earls

I came across this disk when I was walking one day in Killybegs.  It was located just off the main street.  It commemorates the 400th anniversary of Flight of the Earls in 1607.

The Flight of the Earls 1607
Rathmullan, Co Donegal, September 14th 1607

The small fishing town of Rathmullan in County Donegal witnessed a key event in Irish history - the end of the old Gaelic order. From this spot in 1607 a small ship left for Spain. On board were the chieftains of some of the leading Gaelic families of Ulster, including the O'Donnells and the O'Neills. Those chieftains who could not live with the new English order sought refuge with England's main enemy, with the hope either of making a new life for themselves, or of living to fight another day. How did they come to be here, and why did they leave?

In one final attempt by the old order to reverse the tide of English power a decade or so earlier, an army was organised by Hugh O'Neill, chief of Tir Eoghain, and Red Hugh O'Donnell, chief of Donegal. They began a series of battles with the English which came to be known as the Nine Years War. After strenuous efforts on their part, the Gaelic chieftains secured a promise of support from the leading continental power of the day, Spain. To meet up with the Spanish army, however, O'Neill's and O'Donnell's force had to march the length of the country to Kinsale on the south coast. There they fought and lost the landmark Battle of Kinsale, which ended the old Gaelic political and cultural system. Red Hugh made his way to Spain to try to inject new life into the alliance but died in the Castle of Simanacas a little over a year after Kinsale. He was succeeded as chieftain by his brother Rory.

Info courtesy of Ask All About Ireland website
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12 December, 2017

10 December, 2017

watch out

Some of the snow and sleet gathered on the roofs began sliding off last night.  You have to be careful  where you walk.

09 December, 2017

07 December, 2017

what's cooking

a cat we see around the neighborhood showed up when supper was being prepared last week.  He's looks well taken care of and we don't know where he comes from.  He just shows up occasionally around the same time and he's a very friendly cat.  People tend to let their cats hang outdoors, we have seen that a lot.  When we had cats, they were always kept inside, it's safer that way and they didn't seem to care.

06 December, 2017

an old notice

seen on the shore walk.  When walking down by the water, you pass this gate.  I always liked this old notice.  Don't know if this was serious when it was first put up or it was a joke.

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05 December, 2017

bird house

birds hangout here but they seem to be off somewhere when I went by this place.

04 December, 2017

tree lighting

the Christmas Tree's lights were turned on last night and even the rain couldn't stop it. :)

02 December, 2017

small car

that I passed yesterday but have no idea of the make or model.  Kind of sporty, I think.

01 December, 2017

feeding time

the woman standing in the driveway was breaking up some bread and the birds were very interested in receiving it.  Not much going on here with the rainy weather.

30 November, 2017

the christmas tree

is up in Market Square.  This year they added ornaments to the tree, last year it was just lights, it looks much better.  The lights will be turned this Sunday night, Dec. 3rd.

29 November, 2017

crazy weather day

Started out the day visiting the veg man down in the Square.  We were there about 10 minutes before it began to hail.  It was so loud hitting the awning I thought it was going to collapse.  It didn't.

After dropping our groceries, I headed out for a quick walk and was greeted by some sun.  You never know how long that will last. 

 I liked how the sun highlighted this stone wall.

the sky was getting dark again but the rain held off.  Crazy weather these days!

28 November, 2017

26 November, 2017

country house

about a 20 minute walk from town.  That is the driveway you see, it's a long one.