30 June, 2024


 on a dismal and rainy day the chair and bench caught my attention.

27 June, 2024

deposit return centre

brand new and just built for Aldi outside their store in Donegal Town.  Now people can return their bottles and cans for a refund.  25 cents for large bottles and cans, 15 cents for the smaller ones.  This deposit return program began on February 1st.  Most places elsewhere in the world have been doing this for decades.  Better late then never, I guess.  Another option is give your bottles and cans to Animals in Need which I think is great and the money goes towards food for the animals.

25 June, 2024

funny mistake

I was messing with my camera today and it decided to click off a photo.  I heard it click but didn't see anything so I forgot about it.  Saw it later when I downloaded it. :)

21 June, 2024

market hall

 the new look.  The old look taken June of last year.

the sign that was on the side of the building didn't make it as you can see behind the bins

19 June, 2024


Donegal Town 550th birthday this year.  Refurbishing is going on in the diamond right now, they are changing the area to support the creative, cultural, tourism and hospitality sector.

poster of the bingo bus

16 June, 2024

15 June, 2024

saturday critters

this patient dog was getting annoyed, he wanted to move along but his person had to keep on taking and did for 15 minutes.  I bet he is expecting some treats for the delay. :)

13 June, 2024

milk delivery

 some people still prefer delivery even though the store is almost across the street.

12 June, 2024


 All seen in Letterkenny last week. Blakes Bar, just a pub.

James Doherty, meat manufacturer

Alcohol free area

11 June, 2024

redevelopment in Killybegs

down at the harbour.  A new tourism facility in conjunction with a digital hub targeted at fostering further business, enterprise and innovation in Killybegs.
Info courtesy of Donegal Daily

10 June, 2024

rainy day

in Donegal Town.  This area is where people wait for the buses, it's usually crowded but not today because of the rain.

09 June, 2024

bridge painting

on main street.  They do this every year before the tourists flock to town.  That house could also use a makeover too.

08 June, 2024

Saturday critters

looking for a bite to eat.

For you bird watchers out there here is an audio clip heard on RTE radio last week.  Birdwatchers flock to Mayo after rare heron is spotted.

06 June, 2024

Doherty's corner store

It’s the end of an era as the owners of Doherty’s corner shop, best known as “Fintan’s”, in Carndonagh have announced they are to close.

The store will close its doors for the last time this Saturday 8th June after more than 80 years in the heart of the town.

The Fintan family said: “Unfortunately the era of the corner shop has long long passed but with every chapter that ends another begins so don’t take this as a bad thing but instead remember those fond memories that where created here in Fintan’s from listening to the jukebox while playing pool to getting your ice cream fix and sitting on the stool out front putting the world to rights.”

The family businesses began in the 1940s as a sweet and ice-cream shop and soon became a hangout spot for the youth of the town as they munched on a quarter of their favourite treats. Famous for its nostalgic features, including the original weighing scales, the shop also championed handcrafted local products.

The closure announcement said: “We would like to first of all thank all our staff over the years that gave you all a warm welcome as you came through the door, every single one of you was a pleasure to work with and a huge asset to the shop.

“We would also like to thank all our customers that has supported us over the past 80 + years, it has been an honour to get to know every single one of you.”

Article courtesy of  donegadaily.com

05 June, 2024


 an old covid 19 sticker seen on a wall

seen in Letterkenny, Motley Crow anti cafe

a mess of tortilla chips on the floor at Aldi.

a Divine Mercy image seen in Dungloe

04 June, 2024


Sláinte means "health" in both Irish and Scottish Gaelic. It is commonly used as a drinking toast in Ireland, 

03 June, 2024

congestion in the city

Can't believe it has been five months since my last post.  I'm finally back, onward I go. :)
Lower Main Street, Letterkenny last week  We visited the main central library to pick up some books.  Glad I gave up driving, don't miss the aggravation. :)