28 June, 2023


 the sculpture of books are the sign to let you know you reached the Ballinrobe library.

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22 June, 2023

21 June, 2023


 today's specials

crosswalk sign

HB confirmed the news of the discontinuation by saying that Irish tastes have moved on from the simple chocolate-coated vanilla ice-cream.  First releasing in the 60's, the Choc Ice became the backbone of all Irish ice creams - the bedrock upon which this country's frozen dairy products have been built upon. But it is now, unfortunately, time to say goodbye.

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15 June, 2023

14 June, 2023


motor-bikers get together to honour the memory of a young girl called Sandra Boyle of Killybegs, County Donegal, who tragically lost her life to leukaemia on the eve of her 18th birthday.  Her parents, Jim and Rosaleen, organise this charity event each year to honour Sandra and also to raise a lot of  money for various charities.

Teddy bears and other soft toys are tied to fences, poles, trees etc. along route of the ride and bikers and cars on it usually have soft toys tied to them.  It really is heart-warming and quite a sight to see and shows the support of so many for this event.

If you are on the route, please try to have at least one soft toy attached to your fence, gate, etc.  And be sure to get out to wave to the bikers as they pass!

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13 June, 2023

a fixer upper?

a strong sturdy house, new window upstairs, new door and a nice looking roof in good shape.  

11 June, 2023

market hall

Glenties Market House was built about 1840 for the Marquis of Conyngham. It seems to have been originally a two-storey three-bay structure. At the ground floor there was a wide central arch flanked by two narrow round-headed doorways. At the upper level there were three rectangular windows. Two small windows at the ground floor are randomly sited and do not appear the have been part of the original plan. A single-bay two-storey extension has been added at one end.
Today it is used for community events.

info courtesy of The Gazetteer

08 June, 2023

old courthouse

will be known as the Brian Friel Centre and will serve as a visitor centre in Glenties.  The courthouse was built by the Grand Jury in 1843 and is located near the main street and garda station. The ownership was later transferred to Donegal County Council.  They will now lease it to the Brian Friel Trust.

Brian Friel was the best-known Irish playwright of his generation and an accomplished short-story writer who had a strong affection for Donegal.

info from Donegallive

05 June, 2023