25 July, 2020

saturday critters

spotted this slug on the river trail.  There are always a few of them out and about on misty mornings.  It took him a long time to get in a posing position.

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24 July, 2020


three views of the sky this past Tuesday when I was out walking.  7:23 am and no rain :)

Dungloe Lough at 7:48

down by the pier at 9:06 and home 10 minutes later

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22 July, 2020


I wonder if anyone is betting when the Covid-19 is going to disappear.

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20 July, 2020

donegal tunnel tigers

A memorial in honour of the Donegal emigrant workers who died digging tunnels overseas.  You can read more about it here

a panel showing the tunnel tigers at work

a map showing where the tunnels are located

panels listing the names of those people who died

the tool that the tunnel tigers used

19 July, 2020

bench and a bottle

whoever left the empty beer bottle didn't even have the decency to take the bottle home to recycle it.

18 July, 2020

saturday critters

last time we saw this little guy, he was walking behind the vehicle down at the pier.  He has since been upgraded to a co-pilot.  He wanted to let me know his new status. :).

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17 July, 2020


one of the local pitches here in town.  An Clochán Liath is the Irish name for Dungloe

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11 July, 2020

saturday critters

I was in Donegal Town this past Tuesday for a dentist appointment and had time to kill so we hung out at the Diamond.  This little dog was people watching, very calm and very alert, moving his head back and forth. :)

this guy got tired waiting for his humans to finish their coffee.

the sniffer in action

human holds up bag because the sniffer wanted to investigate

such a good dog, gets his head massaged. :)

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10 July, 2020


taken from the bus window

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07 July, 2020

terrace houses

this one has a beautiful front garden

the second one looks pretty good too

the last two are being renovated