30 August, 2020


yesterday morning on the field beside the river walk.  School begins next week, I don't know if sports is even on the menu and yes it did rain. :(

28 August, 2020

27 August, 2020

old tractor

as I was walking up quay street this old tractor passed me and I had to quickly grab my camera.  I almost missed him completely.  Only got one shot and this is it.

25 August, 2020

status orange

valid from 9pm tonight (monday) until 5pm tomorrow.  It will bring some intense rainfall according to the weather forecast.

24 August, 2020

old abbey graveyard

is located where the Eske River flows into Donegal Bay the Old Abbey stood for more than two centuries despite being ransacked, burned and ravaged. It finally faced abandonment during the early years of the 17th century.
Built by Hugh O’Donnell in 1474, the abbey now only exists as ruins, but the south transept, various areas of the cloisters, and the choir areas are still visible. The nearby graveyard bears evidence of burials occurring for more than a century after the abbey was abandoned.
Info courtesy of this is donegal website

The view is from the Donegal Bank Trail, a 3.2km out and back trail.

the video is 1:21 long

22 August, 2020

saturday critters

the sheep of carnmore road

the rear view :-)

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21 August, 2020

19 August, 2020

15 August, 2020

saturday critters

saw this beautiful caterpillar on the river walk earlier in the week

the bird was flying around with this piece of meat and others challenged him for it.  He won!

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13 August, 2020


down in the car park which is not far from the water.  People are not happy with tourists coming in to town for their holiday during covid.  The infected numbers are beginning to increase..  Those campers are from Northen Ireland.

10 August, 2020


one of the scenes I see on my morning walks.  Some people call these marshmallows because of their resemblance.

09 August, 2020

weekend reflections

this is an area near the rocks that people fish from but it is underwater now due to all the rain we got at the beginning of the week.  The river is running very high and fast when I passed it on Thursday.

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08 August, 2020

saturday critters

a couple of lookouts

the heron spent some time just looking around probably searching for a bite to eat

crows enjoying the pickings of freshly mowed grass

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07 August, 2020


a caregiver assisting an elderly man down the pier to enjoy some time down by the water.  

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06 August, 2020

sign removal

workers begin to take down the Dungloe Service Station sign, its in sad shape.

how it looked 2 days later

05 August, 2020


the entrance to Simple Simon's Natural Food and Deli in Donegal Town.

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02 August, 2020

traffic wardens

the white car is parked in a no parking zone that is reserved for buses

and here is the bus that just came in, it has to park further out in the road which causes a traffic jam.

checking the other vehicles in the area.  Drivers are supposed to pay and display their parking meter slip that has the time stamped on it in their window.  If you don't have one or if it's expired you get a fine.