26 February, 2022

saturday critters

 these two birds had a lot to scream about, that's how I noticed them when I walked by.

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23 February, 2022


 now there is a smart dog

these last two  signs are from Belfast

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21 February, 2022

digger day

 out walking the past Friday morning, we noticed all these diggers working on their projects.  This digger was working on the water pipes.  

I have no idea what these workers were working on

this guy was creating a ditch on the side of a driveway

20 February, 2022

supply of peat

this house has a good supply of peat.  When they cut it, it gets stored in plastic bags or gets piled up and tarps placed over it.  Some people sell by the bag.  People here burn it for heat.

17 February, 2022


outside a Tesco store in Co. Mayo.  The colourful bins on the left are for clothes and textiles.  The remaining nine bins are for bottles and cans.  
Photo from the archives.

15 February, 2022

approaching weather

this week is not looking good.  Wednesday we have Storm Dudley coming in followed by Storm Eunice on Friday meaning, more rain, wind and icy roads. 

12 February, 2022

saturday critters

 saw this beauty greeting people outside the Spar store the other day, stopped and gave her some pats.

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06 February, 2022

white house

another house that is a bit different and secluded.

the driveway, you can see the house on the left in the photo.

05 February, 2022

saturday critters

 saw this friendly dog on one of my walks, he was watching his buddy who was across the road.

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03 February, 2022

a different look

 noticed this house last weekend.  It reminded me of a villa.

another view from the footpath