29 February, 2020

saturday critters

We saw these cuties when we were walking to find the recycle centre.

This sheep wanted to have a staring contest.  I tried and the sheep won. :)

this beauty greeted us when we passed his bed and breakfast.  Very friendly and quite comfortable with three legs.

one curious donkey, the others were more interested in eating.

we thought this goose was a lawn ornament until the head moved a bit.  When we headed back from recyling, the goose was still sitting there.  Maybe it was goose meditation. :)

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26 February, 2020


Daniel says don't go bald

sign board seen on main street in dungloe

the other side

a sign that the weather is still unpredictable.
photo taken yesterday at noon in donegal town

bus window shot on the way home
a crazy weather day indeed!

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24 February, 2020

welcome to dungloe

we are very glad to be done and sorted with our move.  After we got here, we have had some terrible weather with lots of rain, hail, winds and cold temps.  I took this welcoming photo yesterday on our walk to find the recycling center so we can bring our glass and tin cans there.  It was only a mile from our apartment.  It was nice to get out, the wind was cold and very strong alot colder than Killybegs.