27 April, 2020

monday mural

found these two mosaic muralish above a door in the local library back in February.

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24 April, 2020


a blue sky and some bright yellow wild gorse seen on the river walk the other day

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23 April, 2020

footing the turf

was a back-breaking job and involved placing five or six sods of turf upright and leaning against each other. Finally, the turf was brought home and stored in sheds or ricks. In the midlands and the West of Ireland, the tradition of using turf or peat as fuel has continued in many homes.

19 April, 2020

playing music

and sharing the bench with Irish writer, Oscar Wilde (left) and Estonian writer, Eduard Vilde (right) in Galway City.  The Eduard Wilde statue was presented to Galway when Estonia joined the EU in 2004.

Photo taken: april 2014

18 April, 2020

saturday critters

what did I tell you!

Photo taken: Sept. 2004, Lake Ewauna, Oregon

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17 April, 2020


blue sky, blue house, yellow bench
located on main street, dungloe

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16 April, 2020

grocery shopping day

We been going on Wed. the last few weeks, it's not so crowded.  These are some of the sights we see as we walk to Aldi.

a woman's front garden, right side.  We saw her weeding this area back in February.

the left side of her garden

freshly cut lawn, I love the smell of cut lawn

blossoms, I have no idea what they are except they are pretty

someone left their shopping list in the trolley

15 April, 2020


of a flood.  The river Eske is located across the street and caused some flooding last month.  These photos were taken a month ago when we were in Donegal Town and after the water level of the river receded.

across the road of the building in the above photo

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14 April, 2020

an post

fleet of vans.  Each one has its own advertising that highlights the different services that are available at the Post Office.
Photos taken last month

yellow van:  0 % Commission, Sterling and Dollars at the Post Office
green van1:  The smart current account (bank account)
green van2:  An Post for your world 

for your phone, unbeatable mobile, text & data plans

12 April, 2020

Happy Easter

to everyone who celebrates it.   Here are some wildflowers to enjoy from May 2017.

11 April, 2020

old sammy

and he was a fussy cat too. :)  A friend of ours adopted him back in 2007.
photo from the archives 2007

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10 April, 2020

Ballinrobe mill

located by the River Robe.  A large cut stone industrial mill, it has multiple bays and is seven stories high and built c 1800 on the site of an earlier mill.
Info courtesy of the Historical Ballinrobe website

from the archives taken in 2014

09 April, 2020


looks like an addition is being constructed on this home.  The work seems to be stalled at this time, no workers or evidence of tenants.

obviously a new gate will be needed

and a pile of turf to be used

photos taken: 24/03 just before the lockdown on the 27th

07 April, 2020

a short walk

around our neighborhood last week.

a tableau seen on someone's lawn on Quay street.

where the wildflower garden is located, you can also notice a couple of birdhouses in the trees

a close-up of the birdhouses

the sign pointing to the wildflower garden

the wildflower garden now

06 April, 2020

O'Donnell Building

built in 1909 and located on main street.  Someone has bought the building and I wonder what it will become.  I couldn't find any info on it so I have no idea what it was before it became vacant.

05 April, 2020

St. Crone's

Church of Ireland, Templecrone,  Dungloe, Co. Donegal
Originally built in 1760 to replace the one in ruins for 20 years at Templecrone.  The minister (John Major) argued that this site by the new road and bridge was more convenient for his parishioners.  The present structure dates from 1844.

Info courtesy of the Dungloe Heritage Trail brochure.

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03 April, 2020


looking  toward the town of Dungloe.
Photo taken last week.

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02 April, 2020

the old mill

the former corn mill complex, built c. 1870.  The white building in the rear is the Waterfront Hotel.