29 August, 2018

signs signs

the name reminds me of when my dad took me to Louie the barber to get my haircut.   Even if we were the only two people in his shop,  he would still ask, OK, who’s next even though my dad didn't need his hair cut.  :)

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28 August, 2018

Slieve League

has some of the highest sea cliffs on the island of Ireland.  Although less famous than the Cliffs of Moher in Co Clare, Slieve League's cliffs reach almost three times higher.  You can read more about it here.

26 August, 2018

23 August, 2018

Donegal Town Credit Union

opened Nov 2015 next to Aldi and not far from the town centre.  I like all the glass on this one side but haven't been or seen the inside.  McCabe Architects website has construction, night and inside photos that really show off this building   I do like this building, it's very different.

21 August, 2018

tug of war

Saturday the 11th was the Streetfest in Killybegs.  It rained but the folks showed up to watch and cheer the tug of war competitors down at the pier.  There were a few teams that competed and it was fun to watch.   I attached a video (46 sec) below if you are interested.

the winners on the right from the Harbour Bar

second place - Team Centra

the independent team in the second round got eliminated

19 August, 2018


remnants of tropical storm Ernesto blew in Saturday evening with some heavy rain and some wind,

18 August, 2018

saturday critters

a small dog acting like a toughie

making sure that I'm on my way out of his domain

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16 August, 2018

14 August, 2018


for those who were lost at sea.  This is located in the village playground.

In 2016 a special plaque had been added to remember all those who have been lost at sea.  The plaque had been commissioned alongside the existing memorial in the village playground.

another memorial can be found at Saint Mary's church which is located nearby.  The little bronze plate  on the lower part of the memorial states: this plaque was placed in this Garden of Remembrance during the restoration  of our church 2012.

13 August, 2018

catching up

with the news.  You don't see too many people reading newspapers these days.

11 August, 2018

the diamond obelisk

is located in Donegal Town.  In the early 17th century, four Franciscan friars, fearing that the arrival of the English meant the end of Celtic culture, chronicled the whole of known Celtic history and mythology. Starting 40 years before the biblical flood through AD 1618, The Annals of the Four Masters is one of the most important sources of early Irish history. The obelisk (1937), in The Diamond, commemorates the work; copies are displayed in the National Library in Dublin.

Info courtesy of the lonely planet website

10 August, 2018

road construction

on our way to Donegal Town this past Tuesday morning.  The road construction has been going on for months, they're widening the road and expanding other parts of it and expect to be finished before winter arrives.  Looking at the clouds you'd think it was going to rain, it didn't.

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09 August, 2018

Killybegs Tourism College

built in 1896 as an industrial school.  The school provides business and practical training which prepares graduates for a wide variety of careers in culinary arts, hospitality management and tourism.

08 August, 2018

signs signs

discussing their snooker strategy.  They even brought their faithful fan with them. :)

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07 August, 2018


in aid for hospice this past Saturday.  Cars slowed down to give their donation to one of the guys holding a bucket.  If you didn't want to donate, you would just drive on by.

06 August, 2018

monday mural

the mural is located in the children's playground down by the harbour.  I don't know who created it but it's in a perfect location.

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05 August, 2018

the view

up in the hills on Roshine Road.  Looking down on the town you see St. Mary of the Visitation Church.  Further back and to the right of the church, you can see the tower of the Coastguard Station where we call home.

further up on the hill, foggy and cool

04 August, 2018