31 January, 2016

inspection review and repair

workers making sure the boat is sea worthy.  Every time I walk pass this place, there is always a boat on the dry dock.  Sometimes the work just requires a new paint job and an inspection.  Got to stay safe!!

30 January, 2016

there's a sheep in the hood

I think this sheep's name is Lisa, at least that is what I was told.  She lives behind the place where we live.  Occasionally you will hear her baa baa baaing.  The first time I heard her, I wasn't really sure that I was hearing a sheep but after asking I was told there was a sheep in our neighborhood.  Animals are lovely neighbors and Shari loves wool :)

29 January, 2016

St Mary of the Visitation Church Killybegs

St Mary of the Visitation Church, Killybegs is the local Catholic Church here in town.  I haven't been inside yet but have seen a photo of the interior on their website. 

Photo of the interior can be seen here

These other photos are from the church's grounds.  It does have a nice little alcove where you can sit.

"Deep waters cannot quench love nor floods sweep it away."

the view from the church's ground

28 January, 2016

donegal town's diamond

The Diamond in Donegal Town is a great place to sit down and just watch what is going on.  People coming and going,  buses and taxis dropping off or picking up.  It's the heart of the town.

27 January, 2016

the stone wall

When moved  to Killybegs, we happened to live next store to a school that needed a section of its stone wall repaired.  It was interesting to watch it being worked on and it took most of the summer to complete.   I was impressed with the workmanship involved and the final finished wall.

26 January, 2016

glenfield and kennedy

Thomas Kennedy Senior was the founder of Glenfield and Kennedy and inventor of the world's first water meter.  Pumps, water-main cleaners, water-level indicators, basically anything to do with water this company was at the forefront.There are a few of these hydrants around town.  The cast of a lion head is an interesting addition to the hydrant.

25 January, 2016

getting impersonal

About a month ago, this bank's interior was renovated.  Out came the counter where you could grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee if you chose to do so.  In came more ATM machines plus some booths dedicated to phone banking in the bank.  How bizarre is that?  More machines and fewer people.  When you walk inside, there is  a person who offers help if you need it.  Way in the back by herself is the foreign currency exchange person.  Some older people are not happy and will miss the interactions they had with some other humans.  Times they are a changing!

24 January, 2016

a bird frenzy

you can always tell when a fish boat arrives at the fish processing plant

23 January, 2016

a bike day

This scene is located right across the street from the Killybegs post office.  It looks like someone stopped for a visit and decided to take their bike.  Good exercise!!  I don't have a bike but I do walk a lot which suits me.  If I need to go somewhere other than Killybegs, there is the bus.

22 January, 2016

trash day

When I took out our bag of trash to be picked up, this was the view I saw.  It was about 8:30 in the morning.  By 1ish, the scene looked like the photo below.

21 January, 2016

a fairy door alert in donegal town

We left our house to catch the 11:45 bus to Donegal Town.  It takes about 45 minutes to get there considering all the stops the bus makes.  Donegal Town is where our "local library" is located.  It is open only on Tues and Thurs.  On Thursday it closes at 1 for lunch so once the bus arrives in town, we head right over to the library which is about a 10 minute walk if that.  Got the book and then we headed right to the Bank Walk which is right next to the library.  We usually walk on the trail for about 15 minutes to kill some time before heading off to Aldi to do a bit of grocery shopping.  Once the shopping is done we head back to catch the 1:45 bus back to Killybegs.  We get back home around 2:30  which is great--a nice fast turnaround.

The Abbey Hotel is the bus stop in Donegal Town

 The Abbey Hotel is the drop off location for all buses.  It can be very congested at times when people just park in the area reserved for buses.  Taxis wait across the street in front of the Diamond.  The Diamond is a nice place to eat/relax while you are waiting for your ride as long as it is not raining.
Donegal Town library
 The library is actually in the right section of the building in the photo.

The library is just one small room but you can inter-library loan books and pick them up here if need be.  

 The Bank Walk takes about an hour to walk the whole thing and leads back in to town.  Lot of trees and during the summer it is nice and cool.

A bunch of fairy houses have sprouted up since our last visit. Also a post box on a tree just in case you have something to mail I guess.

One of Shari's pet peeves--misspellings

20 January, 2016


Sometimes you see the same boats in the same place day after day.  Then before you realize it, they change.  The harbour is never the same but neither is life.  Some changes are noticeable, most are not.