28 February, 2021

27 February, 2021

saturday critters

life is a breeze if you're a turkey or a goose and live here

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26 February, 2021

25 February, 2021

24 February, 2021


a sign that many people don't understand, read or care about.  There are quite a few of them around here.

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22 February, 2021

they're back

for another season!  We stopped on our way to the grocery store and chatted with the woman who lives in this house.  She mentioned that her mother planted these crocuses back in 1960.  What a wonderful gift that keeps on giving.

19 February, 2021

17 February, 2021


seen in Belfast across from the Titanic Museum, 2015.

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13 February, 2021

12 February, 2021


 a view from last week.

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10 February, 2021


seen in a hospital lobby.

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08 February, 2021

monday mobile mural

came across this car back in Ballina in 2019. 

Booster Cushion Theatre for Children was formed in 1989, specifically to work with children and to encourage them to take greater interest in books. Since then Booster Cushion Theatre has performed to over 300,000 people in schools and theatres all over the country providing quality work with care and commitment.

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06 February, 2021

saturday critters

 he's the neighborhood guard dog who ran out of the yard to watch us walk by.

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04 February, 2021

outdoor services

an outdoor laundry station in Ballyshannon, 2019.  This is the second one I've seen that's outside.  I imagine some people will use them to wash a big item such as a large blanket or duvet.  Most people have a washing machine but they are small.

the pay as you go waste disposal is located in the same area, it's good for people who don't have pickup service and is convenient.

02 February, 2021

needs a lift

late afternoon, an empty car park and this car is getting a helping hand.  Not a good ending for the day.

01 February, 2021

theme day - smile

rock art seen on the river walk last week.  Cheers up the walkers who pass by it.  I believe it is done by kids.  School is closed right now and they don't know when it will reopen.

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