30 September, 2023

27 September, 2023

26 September, 2023

too close

I watched the car on the left back in to this parking spot and then his car tapped the other one.  I waited to see what he was going to do and he just got out of his car walked away.  The guy watching from across the street just shook his head. 

22 September, 2023


 looking across Lough Foyle toward Northern Ireland.  The small lighthouse sits in the middle

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16 September, 2023

13 September, 2023

11 September, 2023

06 September, 2023


the bird knows the way to the harbour.

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02 September, 2023

01 September, 2023

cdp theme day - bottle

I saw this bottle on a walk to the grocery store two years ago.  Have no idea what it means.  Could be just a bottle on a tree.:)

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