31 August, 2016

a shore house

When you walk along the Moville-Greencastle Shore Walk, this is one of the houses that you pass.

30 August, 2016


What will it be?   Carpet, furniture or a guitar but don't forget Moville Pottery where you can paint your own personal mug.

29 August, 2016

car of the week

Bargain or no bargain, depends what you're looking for.  I'm not interested so for me it's no bargain.

27 August, 2016

the oilman

Your friendly local oilman says it has the best service and the best price, ALWAYS!  We have a storage heater system which is an electrical heater that stores thermal energy during the night when electricity is available at lower cost, and releases the heat during the day as required.  We love it!

 a delivery on its way.

26 August, 2016

all done

Time to back it up and put it away because later it's going to be some heavy rain and thunderstorms coming through the area. 

25 August, 2016

looking up

Heading home last night from the library, I happened to look up at the sky and this is the what I saw.

24 August, 2016

a bird fly by

I love looking at the different cloud covers, they differ so much from day to day.  I like the way they look here and the bird flying by was a bonus.  Happy day to everyone!

23 August, 2016

22 August, 2016


The weather button has been reset back to its default, cloudy and with some rain!

20 August, 2016

a meal with an opportunity

Chalkboard ad outside the Caiseal Mara Hotel here in town.  After you have your 7 course meal, if you have an extra €450,000 and are looking for an opportunity, you can purchase this hotel.  Purchasing info can be seen here.  Don't be shy, buy :)

19 August, 2016

donegal colours

This canoe was sitting here down by the pier.  Haven't seen it before so I wonder if it's done for the season.  A little sanding and paint and this canoe will look sharp.

17 August, 2016

Gaelic football

We happened to be on the beach side  when I noticed there was a football game going on.  I don't know if it was a Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) sponsored game or just a practice.  It made me think that this was a nice place to play or practice the game.

16 August, 2016

yard boat

Passed this yard boat  on the coastal walk last week and it was being cleaned out and a new coat of white paint was being applied to the cabin and blue paint for the trim.  The paint probably doesn't last more than a season or two due to the weather conditions.  This is the result and it looks good, nice and neat but unfortunately it still won't be able to float.  :)
Those houses you see in the background are holiday homes which means they are rented for outrageous fees for a week or more depending on availability.

15 August, 2016

another view

After some very windy and wet days, everything is rearranged and the few flowers down below are still there.  The driftwood found a new place to hang out until the next time Mother Nature decides to move it.

13 August, 2016


Saw this on the wall of a sport pitch in Buncrana and had to take two photos to fit it all.  It could relate to the team that plays their home games here, that's my guess.

12 August, 2016

buncrana flowers

It's been about a month since we were in Buncrana.  Walking down Main Street, the view was so colourful.  Flowers hanging everywhere displaying their beauty, it makes for a lovely scene.

This bench was off of Main Street but it has a lovely message.  ENJOY YOUR DAY!

11 August, 2016


I saw this couple when I was walking the other day.  They were talking, laughing and having a good time.  When I reached the end and turned around to head back, they were sitting on a bench still talking and laughing.  They were a couple of good friends sharing a story.  Maybe they were husband and wife, maybe not, but they were together at the moment sharing we each other.  Can't ask for anything better!

10 August, 2016


On strong windy days, do not, I repeat do not take your umbrella out because it will not survive the walk.  I've seen people walking bent over, leaning to the left or right, and suddenly they're trying to adjust or hold on to their umbrella.  It either blew inside out or just blew away.  This is one example how umbrellas stand up to the wind on the shore walk.  It didn't survive, instead got tossed away like a bad fish.

09 August, 2016

windy and wet

Yesterday was extremely windy and waves were crashing off the rocks.  The sound of the wind and waves together was rather noisy and in some places it was hard to stand up straight.  It was interesting that in a few places as you turned a corner, all you heard was silence for a few seconds.  It was strange and different but enjoyable.  You never know how the scene will unfold until you are there.  Enjoy your day wherever you are!

 These four-legged  pupsters were in control and guided their person along the walk making sure that everything was OK.  Hope they got a treat when their assignment ended.

08 August, 2016

tom the horse

May I introduce you to Tom.  He was down by the water to offer people a ride in his buggy.  He is a very patient horse, loves people and people love him.  Hopefully he had some customers.

07 August, 2016

always something going on

Walking the coastal walk is such an adventure and you never know what you will see.  It changes everyday and it is interesting to see the changes.  The tides keep shifting everything around so what wasn’t there today could be there tomorrow.  Another day, another walk, another discovery and another story.  Today's story

There are so many things to see and do.  Take a walk along the coast and take in its beauty.

Enjoy some family fun in one of the many small beaches and bring some food if you wish.

Maybe you have some chores to do before your day is free.  Once this guy is done cutting the lawn all he has to do is step out of his gate and he is on the coastal walk.   One of the benefits from living right beside the walk.

This little guy is taking in the view which is not a bad way to spend a few or many minutes.  Once satisfied, he'll be on his way.  You can do the same, there are places to sit if that is what you wish to do.  Bring along the things you wish to do, a book, a nook or just sit and look.

If you need to practice playing your music, make sure to bring along your instruments.  People love hearing and listening to music.  These two young girls were playing when I happened to pass them and they sounded great.  Of course it was Celtic music :)

Make sure you have both of your shoes on before you head home.  If not, the tide won't guarantee that they will be there for very long.

And if you were waiting for your ship to come in, well, this could be it.

and finally here is the Sunday Sound

 That's it and have a great day wherever you are!

06 August, 2016

men at work

The town workers have been working on this street for the last few weeks digging up the road and laying some PVC pipe.  I guess there is some kind of problem but I have no idea what it is.   At least they are enjoying the friendly conversation.

we're almost there guys

time to sweep up and call it a day

05 August, 2016

Garden of Remembrance

A Garden of Remembrance is also located in a section of the Letterkenny Town Park.  It opened in honour of the memory of members of the GardaĆ­ and Army who have given their lives in service of the United Nations. A stone bench was unveiled in the park on 10 July 2007 to honour James Duffy (VC), a British soldier during the First World War, and an Irish recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy.